Descendants, The Sacred Treasures

Jade lives a normal life, she's one of the most normal girls you could know. but when a stranger catches her, during a fall, her life is twisted round and round, into a knot. Jade falls in love with the wrong guy and her life falls apart like the petals of a rose, one by one.


11. Chapter 11

“Right, so, we magically get out of these stupid cages-” Jade rattled the bars to her cage “and go through the left hand fire exit, while not being caught by any guards? Clever.”

Ol smiled back. “The cleverest thing I’ve ever said. Anyway, I was really thinking that you could use some of your powers to get us, and to distract the guards, yeah?”

“Ol, you know i can't control-” knock…knock…knock went the door silently stopping their conversation. A painful shiver danced its way down Jade’s back as she backed up against the wall. “SHIVER! Get the girl, our buyer has arrived.” Behind their kidnapper was a massive man, with millions of tattoos, that obviously weren’t those rune things that Will had had. He had red skin and was smiling curiously at Jade. “Wooh, wooh! Who’s the buyer? How much?” Orlando shouted.

“You surely should have figured out that that information is not for your ears.” The man said hiding a smirk.

“Just tell me how much!” Orlando said while getting up from his sitting position.


“If you tell me you’ll find out.” Orlando spoke bravely, while he stood in front of Jade, like her protector.  

“£1,000, he was my best bidder.”


“What?” the man sounded confused.

“I’ll pay £2,000 for her and our release.”  

“No, Orlando, don’t waste your money on me I’ll go.” Jade whispered into Orlando’s ear.

“I have to.” Orlando whispered back, then he shouted back “£2,000, I swear.”

“I really admire your protection over our young Jade here-” Jade gasped at her name “but I don’t accepted money from my prisoners.” He clicked his fingers and Shiver appeared in front of him.

“3,000! 4,000!” Orlando shouted as he tried to push Shiver back from the bars. “40,000!”

“Now you’re just messing with me boy! Shiver leave them, turn on the gas!” Shiver moved slowly round towards an old fashioned switch, that you would usually see in movies. “No! No! Come on, Mr Fredric, maybe we can something out!” Orlando screamed as Mr Fredric walked out while Shiver pushed the lever up and ran out after his master. Jade could hear mumbling from outside the room, Mr Fredric must had been telling the buyer why there was a delay. “Ol, what did he mean, ‘gas’?” Jade mumbled out of her petrified mouth.

“Just try not to breath too much.” Orlando replied, sounding quite scared.  

“It won’t affect you though will it, will it?”

“It’s probably the only known gas to affect vampires.”

“Oh, well that’s bad news for you.”


“Wait, shouldn't we be gagging to death?”

“Because the switch in here is just for show, the real stitch is out there. When Mr Fredric has finished explaining to your buyer what’s happening he’ll press on, and we’ll both fall into a deep, deep, deep-”

“Ok, I get it. So, we’ll be like sleeping beauty?”

“Yeah, basically, except instead of being in a nice castle asleep, we’re in a psychopath’s home being gassed.” There was clicking beep from the background and the bars of their cages grew small holes. There was another click and the gas swerved out of the holes. It looked like a cloud dancing through the air, it was almost beautiful. But then Orlando whispered in Jade ear “Don’t breathe.” He coughed and collapsed on the floor. Jade panicked and tried to wake Orlando up. She shaked him, slapped him but nothing work. She was losing the will to live; she was running out of air. Jade could swear she was blue. Suddenly a breath wiggled its way out of Jade’s mouth and before she knew it her vision was blurry and she felt sleepy. The world turned upside-down and she was sleeping beauty, just like in school, well not exactly.         

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