Descendants, The Sacred Treasures

Jade lives a normal life, she's one of the most normal girls you could know. but when a stranger catches her, during a fall, her life is twisted round and round, into a knot. Jade falls in love with the wrong guy and her life falls apart like the petals of a rose, one by one.


10. Chapter 10

“Orlando.” Jade whispered. “Yes, Jade” Orlando mumbled back. “Why do y’ think we’re here?” She asked to a blurred shadow on the other side of the bars. After the ‘stupid’ shadowhunters had fled Jade and Orlando had been threw into the house. At first they stood there, in complete darkness, holding on to each other, despite the recent events. The next thing they knew they were being thrown in a deep c3ellar and being locked in separate cells, with a bowl if water, as if they were pets. Jade and Orlando had felt their way round their cages and held each other’s hands through the bars.

           “To be honest I think me being here might have something to do with my clan. It’s the meant to be the most powerful clan in the world. Why you’re here, I have no clue.” Orlando replied kindly. Jade thought he was nothing like the vampires she’d heard about, he was kind and more human-like than she’d made out they’d be. When Jade had first seen him he’d been starved for probably months (as he’d told her)he’d only fed on her because she had been, most likely, the only food he’d get for weeks, or maybe even months. “Maybe I’m the entertainment” Jade said “like, maybe that’s why we’re both here, entertainment for our ‘lovely’ host.” Jade guessed, trying to make out Orlando’s expression through the black, that he would be pulling a puzzled face. “Yeah, I’m meant to be at one of Magnus Bane’s parties right now, even though I heard it was cancelled but it was probably just girly gossip.” Jade shivered back and sprung free of Orlando’s hand. That name, Magnus Bane, just made her whole body shiver with hatred and confusion. Orlando reached out for her shoulder and said “Hey, what’s wrong? Had a bummer at one of his past parties, Little Warlock?” Jade shivered again, how has life my changed so much in the past day? Jade thought to herself. She started to feel the tears coming again from the back of her throat, her eyes were weakening, but she couldn’t cry in front of a vampire. She took deep breathes, just about keeping the water back. “No, it’s just…oh please don’t freak out. I’m Magnus Bane’s daughter, I think.” Orlando shivered “What the hell? That’s not possible, you must know that warlocks cannot reproduce with each other, the way Warlocks are made are by a mundane-I mean human and a demon-“ Jade cut him off “Please, I think I’ve figured it out, Orlando.” Orlando seemed to be smiling. “Please Jade, call me Ol. It’s what everyone else calls me.” Jade mumbled a giggle. “Alright, Ol, how do we make our grand escape?”

            Will had gone off to his room, so he could change into his shadow hunter gear and Magnus was left alone in the drawing room staring outside onto the street. The drawing room had always been Magnus’ favourite room of the institute, it was always were the best arguments started, that big one he had with Jace Lightwood one hundred years ago and then those ones with Charlotte Branwell and Will Herondale. How many more years? How many years left? Magnus thought just before Will stalked in through the door. “Hey day-dreamer, I got Lewis to bring the car round to the front.” Lewis was an ordinary mundane, but had the Sight. The Sight is when a mundane- a human- can see through glamour, a glamour is something that hides something supernatural from the normal world. “Ok.” Magnus said not really paying attention to anything; he was too busy thinking about Alec. Alec was Jade’s other ‘father’, but not her biological father-that was Magnus. What happened was Alec got in a row with Magnus about having a ‘miracle’ child with a mundane woman. Magnus had apologized and explained everything, and said they’d have to look after the baby because its mother had died and it had nowhere else to go, plus Magnus was its father. Alec had pretended to forgive him and understand, but that night Alec went missing and Magnus had been alone ever since. He’d given the baby to some x-shadow hunters, abuse it started to bring back bad memories of Alec. Magnus tried to still write to the child but the shadowhunters had cut him out of her life, she was all he had left of his little messed-up family.

        Magnus turned round to faced Will and walked out of the room. 

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