Half a heart💜



2. Being adopted by One Direction

Shane's POV

I am 12 years old now in this adoption center where I never ever ever get adopted. I have no friends because I would never bother having them. Every time I make a new friend, they get adopted and I would have no friends. I sleep in a room with my room mate Sophie. She is really quiet so we don't really talk that much. I took out my diary and started to write when Miss Mavis interrupted me.

"Shane? Sophie? Get ready and come downstairs quick people are coming to adopt someone" she said.

"Why should I? It's not like I am even getting adopted or what right?"I exclaimed

"You would not know Shane."

"Yeah yeah whatever" I thought

Then 5 teenage boys came in.

They spoke to Miss Mavis for a while and she called out,"girls aged 9 to 14 please come to the basement now.

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