Little Did I Know

18-year-old Annabel Thompson is fresh out of high school and wanting to take a vacation with ten of her closest friends, but little did she know what was in store after her friends and herself arrived at the vacation destination.


1. Welcome

Beep, beep, beep. The sound of the monitor tracking my heartbeat beside me filled my ears. My eyes fluttered open and I squinted trying to adjust them to the bright lighting, there was a sharp pain in my side every time I took a breath, and my entire body felt sore. I tired to move into a sitting position, resulting in more agonizing pain, a groan escaped my mouth and I lay still not trying to move any longer. "Annabel?" I heard my mothers worried voice Beside me and a light squeeze of my hand. "Mo-" I gulped my throat very sore and my voice very horse," Mo-Mommy?" I said in a whispered tone. "Oh my sweetheart, I'm so glad you're alright!" She said enthusiastically," I was so worried when they called, I've been waiting for hours! You wouldn't believe how many things were going through my head! I was speeding for the first time...." My mom began her happy babbling now that she knew I was alright, although little did she know I wasn't so great off on the inside, I tuned her out trying to get a grip on everything that happened only a few hours ago. How could I have missed that? How did I not know! I could have saved so many lives. I heard my mother say the word 'police' and tuned back in. "... Wanted to talk to you about the incident as soon as you're up for it, I told them I'd have to check and see how you feel about that but they just kept insisting I let them talk to you! So pushy those police are!..." I swallowed hard trying to gain the strength to speak,"Wh-What did.." I swallowed again," they wa-wan-want to know?" A sympathetic smile appeared on her face and she squeezed my hand once more," oh nothing they can't find out when you're feeling stronger!" She said sweetly," Any who hon I've got to go into work and you look exhausted! Try and get some sleep til I return. I love you." She smiled brightly leaning down and kissing my head softly," my sweet baby girl, I'm so glad you're safe." She whispered before hurrying out the door. I loved my mother with her crazy and all, I was thinking about the last few hours and all I the crazy I had been subjected to before gradually falling into another deep slumber.

Hello! I'm a new writer so I am sure there are tons of mistakes and things that could have been worded better! But I hope you're enjoying the story so far despite that! Please let me know what you're thinking thanks! ~Victoria

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