Little Did I Know

18-year-old Annabel Thompson is fresh out of high school and wanting to take a vacation with ten of her closest friends, but little did she know what was in store after her friends and herself arrived at the vacation destination.


3. The Beginning

I could feel my phone begin to buzz in my pocket as I finished curling my hair, I dropped the curling iron and fished it out checking the caller iD, it was Jessica.

"Hey Jess!! What are you doing?" I questioned curious about what her reason for calling was.

"Oh nothing Hun! I was just thinking why not just text everyone to meet at your house instead of us all meeting at the cabin, I mean we could all get lost so easily you know?"

"I understand where you're coming from Jess but this is really last minute I mean we all leave in an hour and I need more than one car to carry everything and everyone.." I explained

"I know but we could still meet there and then follow you to the cabin! That way no one is late or gets lost on the way!"

"Alright... I'll send out the text to meet here in an hour ! See you soon!!" I squealed excitedly into the phone, this was going to be the BEST vacation ever!! I shut off my curling iron and sent out a mass text that read:

Annabel: Hello everyone! There has been a small change in plans! Instead of meeting at the cabin we will all be meeting at my house! Make sure you have EVERYTHING you need for the week!!!! I'll see you all in an hour! Don't be late. ;)

I hit send and snapped my phone shut. I took a long look in the mirror inspecting my outfit my long black hair had perfect curls in it and I had a subtle amount of make-up on, I had on a black jacket and a soft pink shirt underneath, on my legs I wore long black pants and my all black shoes, pleased with how I looked I grabbed my suit case and made my way downstairs. I loaded my luggage into the car and waited in the kitchen for my company to arrive. I served myself a glass of orange juice and let my mind wonder about everything that could happen this week I was so excited about it and the most exciting part was Kyle would be coming along. I rested my head on my hand thinking about his smile, his eyes, imagining his lips against mine. I heard knocking on my door pulling me from my thoughts and I practically ran to answer it.

"Hey!" I said with a bright smile upon my lips as I swung the door open to see a very handsome looking Kyle, "you're uh early ...." I blushed looking into his soft blue eyes."I uh... I know." Kyle chuckled rubbing his hand on the back of his head looking a little sheepish. I kept my eyes locked on his adorable face, after a few minutes I heard someone clear their throat and glanced behind him fixing my gaze upon Jessica. "He-hey Jess." I stuttered, she raised an eyebrow glancing between Kyle and I before scooting past both of us. "Well come on in." I rolled my eyes moving aside and motioning for Kyle to follow me inside and shut the door behind him.

"Can I get you guys anything while we wait for everyone else to get here?"

"Now there is a good host!" Jess said with a wink, I rolled my eyes and replied," I'll take that as no." She simply shook her head and tapped away on her phone. We sat in silence for a while waiting and waiting, I finally broke the silence asking Jess where Austin was. "He is five minutes away with the rest of the guys!" She squealed, just then my doorbell rang and I stepped away to answer it.

"Finally!! Come in girls and I'll introduce you to the few people here, we're still waiting on four more guys." I got warm smiles as my three friends walked in followed by the four guys we had been waiting on as well, I sighed in relief and shut they door behind us all, making my way to the kitchen to make introductions.

"Welcome everyone! Thank you for meeting here!! I am so excited about this vacation with you all!! I know a few of you don't really know each other so let me introduce everyone!" I grabbed Jess and Austin being that they we're nearest to me and a couple "This is Jessica and her boyfriend Austin" they smiled and waved before moving aside so I could introduce the next person I motioned towards a short girl with light brown hair and a bright smile, "This is my friend Mackenzie but please feel free to call her Mac!" She waved and moved aside standing next to Jess and Austin. "This is Brady!" I said enthusiastically motioning to a tall young man with light blond hair and deep green eyes. "These two are Lela and Ben , twin brother and sister and next to them are Hallie and her older brother Ryan!"

I turned my attention to the last person needing to be introduced and blushed suddenly feeling extremely shy."This... Umm this is Ky-"

"That is Kyle!" Jess interrupted me,"now that we are all familiar with one another lets get a move on!" She squealed, everyone agreed and we headed out of the kitchen and through the front door.

I'm sorry this chapter was so boring I wanted to make sure you knew who each character was !! But I hope despite that you guys are enjoying the book so far!! I know it's not the best but please comment and like!! I'd love your feed back share what's on your mind!! Thanks so much! ~Victoria

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