Vacay gone Cray Cray

One Direction is going on vacation with their girlfriends. But what if the plane goes to the wrong destination.*This is funny* *I got bored*


1. Tickets


All I remember from last night is me and my girlfriend Lana were cuddling in the bed until we fell asleep. But I woke up Louis' screaming obnoxiously into our ears! "GUYS! YOU HAVE TO GET READY!!!"... We're going on vacation, that's why he said that "Lou... It's 3 in the morning..." Lana groaned "Our plane leaves at 7 and we rented a car that is not only rusty and about to fall apart, but it also goes very very very very very very very very very very very very very very slow! And the airport is a hundred miles from here! Now get your lazy butts up!" Louis sai-Screamed.


"Why did you rent a car?" Harry asked. "Uh..." I said



After 12 brandy bottles and 16 vodka bottles at a party. I decided to give the car a paint job... I got Blue paint and splattered it over the pearl white cover of the car then I got red paint and splattered it on the other side of the car while I got green paint and splattered it on me and I was wet with green paint, then I rolled on the sides of car yelling "MASTER PIECE! MASTER PIECE!"... I was drunk alright ! I didn't know what was I doing...

-Flashback over-

"It...ran out of battery..." I said "ok..," Lana replied getting suspicious... Then I went out of their room. And saw Eleanor already done getting ready. But everyone else? Not so much... Then Eleanor screamed. I rushed to her to see what happened. "What is it?!" I panicked "I lost the tickets!" She screamed "You lost the tickets?!" I panicked "No Lou! I lost my mascara!(sarcasm)" she replied. I helped her look for it and after 20 minutes we still couldn't find It. Then I saw how we wrecked the whole room.  "El? What's that?" I asked looking at the thing below her purse at the top of the drawer. Then she took it and said "Found it..." "It was there the whole time?!" I said " But the other 5 tickets are with Zayn. These are for the girls... Those are for the guys" then I was walking down the hall and heard Zayn scream... Not again... I rushed to him and saw Perrie screaming "WHERE'S ARE THEY?!" "What's going on?" I asked. "This idiot forgot where the tickets are!" Perrie said. So I helped them. And after 25 minutes... We found it at last... It was in Zayn's bag... This whole time... Ugh... The first problem in this trip... The tickets... So after 10 more minutes everyone was ready... So we saw the car and Niall's girlfriend Nicole asked "what happened...?" Then Eliyah, Liam's girlfriend said "Let's just take my car..." "You had a car and you didn't tell me?! I should've never paid £500.00 for this!" I screamed. Then we all put our bags into Eliyah's car (mini van) and drove to the airport. We went into security check and waited for the plane... It's 4:00 am... We still have to wait 3 bloody hours! Ugh... Well... What a good way to start the vacation... 

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