Is this what you wanted?

This is a brain storm of feelings pushed into one. About one girl who finds herself in an average teenagers place a tale of love and anxiety we have all been in this place once.


3. Why I mean how?

It was in maths she told me, I was sure you would say no to her.. " oh my god i asked him out i hope he says yes!" As I asked katie who it was and she replied with your name I swear I felt my heart sink. I died a little.. I didn't say much after that. I always felt a little bit jealous when you flirted with others I supposed  you were playing hard to get, obviously not.


When I found out everything and thought you loved me how I always payed attention to you and looked at you, I only ever truly smiled when I was with you I'm sure we were meant to be so why can't you see? 


I need you . 

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