This is just to inform you a little bit about my main of Jacob haha :3


1. Just about me

Hey I'm Jacob, yeh there isn't really a lot you must know about me I'm kind of new to all this stuff. There will be a lot of stories most probably about all of my adventures in my life but here's a little bit you might want to know about me.


Ok first I am a werewolf pony some have the ability to transform just when it feels right to.

I am from the east clan out far in the forest.

I moved into ponyville a while ago and have been living there ever since.

I live in a little house which is abandoned I am usually out a lot adventuring.

My friends and family have their own clans, and there is one clan we have befriended which is Eden's south clan in the ever free  forest she kind of likes me. :$

I am very tall I am an earth pony but obviously with the ability of the wolf.

Relationship: it's complicated :S.

im pretty sure that's all you need to know about me so bye for now I'm going to go out hunting.

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