Im not just the sasquatch wearing a boienceaid next door

Btw: a boienciad is a life jacket
Btw: a Sasquatch is like big foot
And yes this is weird!



I knew I would never have a chance with Cheryl Alexandra smitherine he was just the typical Sasquatch next door who had the coolest boienciaids! He was tall and had wavy, thick, chocolate brown hair that came down past his feet and covered the rest of his body. His ape like figure was dashing and he strode around town proudly because he was the best! He was the biggest Sasquatch in town nobody compared to him! I loved him but sadly I would never be with him because I'm a human😥 my mum would never let me have a boienciaid and Cheryl only dated girls who had them! "No darling I'm putting my foot down your not walking around in boienciaids! They are way to inflated and make you look fat" mum wood nag every night "but mum you don't understand why can't I be fat like the others girls I'm just slim" I would reply. Then I would start my protest "all the other girls are fat and have heaps of pimples and look at me I'm slim and have not even one! And all the other girls have pale skin and go bright red in the sun and I'm just plain old golden brown! And all the other girls have grey or dark green eyes and I'm stuck here with big bright blue eyes and golden hair! It's not fair! And now you add more that you won't let me have a boienciaid!" Then I would storm of into my room yelling as I smash the door closed.

Any way today I was look at Cheryl walk past with all his friends and I found out he lived right next door to me! Eeeeeeep! I was so excited. I waited for him to say by to his palls and then slip in the door farting so loudly (he was so impressive!) I bit my lip waiting for him to walk in then I raced down the stairs farting and yelling to practice being lady like for Cheryl! I walked up to his door and knocked quietly it was perfetic so I ran back to my house doing my normal elegant waltz up stairs. Why was I so graceful!

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