Daughter To Famous

Esther Gunner, the only daughter to famous Rockstar Enoch Gunner, lead singer of Devil Five, has decided to write down her life so that people read it and figure out that it isn't as simple and easy as the movies picture it.

Follow Esther as she narrates you, the story of her life.

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3. Chapter Three


I managed to walk down to the living room, only to find myself surrounded by cloth thrown all over the place, people screaming and someone setting up something like for a photo-shoot. I rubbed my eyes and pulled down further my t-shirt, so that my tattoo wasn’t visible, and I looked a bit more presentable. 


“Dad?” I asked walking further into the house. “Ralph? Bryan? Anyone?”

“Who are you?” A random man asked me.

“Me?” I questioned. “Who are you and why are you in my house?”

“Esther.” Mike said as he appeared in the room. “Go have breakfast.”

“What is going on here?” I questioned Mike, as he followed me to the kitchen.

“Your dad, ok, not your dad, Ralph thought is was going to be a good idea, to have a photo-shoot and magazine interview about the Gunners, before we go on tour.” Mike explained.

“Are you shitting on me?” I questioned. “I don’t want to appear in a fu-“

“Mouth Esther.” My dad cut me off as he appeared in the kitchen. “I suggest you eat breakfast go take a bath and get ready in the cloth Ralph has left for you and meet me here in one hour.”

“But dad!” I whined. “I have plans.”

“Cancel them.” He replied. 


I groaned and grabbed a pudding, a spoon, and a Mountain Dew and walked to my bedroom. This are the moments in which I hate having a father who is famous and a stupid manager that who believes that daughter-father situations bring more fame to Devil Five. 


This is what I mean, when I say that I hate being the daughter of Enoch Gunner. I hate the spotlight it brings, and this sort of things, are the ones that I hate the most. Sometimes I wake up randomly and there is someone staring at me, telling me that I have to go and train for surf, or telling me that I have a photo-shoot. I sometimes try to picture myself as a normal teenager, but that moment never exists…


I took a bath and changed into the stupid skirt, and button up shirt that Ralph left for me. Once I was ready I walked out to the living room, and my dad told me to sit down, and wait for someone to do my hair and make-up. I sat there for the most agonising two hours of my life. 


“Listen up!” Some dude that seemed to be the director said. “It’s supposed to be a day in the Gunner’s life. So we are taking pictures of them doing what they would normally do.”

“What about the interviews?” My dad asked.

“I am going to interview you first, whilst people take pictures of your daughter doing what she would normally do.” Mr. Director replied.

“I would sleep.” I replied. “I don’t think you want to take pictures of a teenager sleeping, it would be really creepy.”

“Esther.” My father warned. “Go and play some X-Box.”

“You take the fun out of everything.” I said rolling my eyes and walking over to the game room.


I threw myself on the beanbag, like I have always done it and started playing some COD, whilst some people took pictures, and to be sincere, it was hell of creepy. I was supposed to go and surf with Collin, and yet, here I was, playing COD because my father asked me to. 


“Esther.” A random dude said. 

“What?” I replied pausing my game.

“It’s time for the interview.” He said. “We are doing it outside by the pool.”

I rolled my eyes and stood up. “Make it fast, I have practice.”

“Practice?” The dude questioned.

“Surf practice.” I replied with a tone.

“Right.” The man said. “Hurry up then.”


I moved towards the pool and walked over to where my dad was. I plopped down next to him and pulled some faces, making him laugh and smack my arm. Maybe this interview isn’t gonna be as and as I  might think, like maybe, just maybe we can have a good time, something like father daughter and yeah, make the best out of it.


“I’m a hundred percent sure they are going to ask about my love life.” I stated.

“What about your love life?” My dad asked.

“If I have a boyfriend and stuff like that.” I replied. 

“Do you?” My dad asked.

“No sir.” I replied. “I’m single as a pringle.”

“Oh you better be.” My dad warned and I rolled my eyes.



After a not so painful hour of the interview, I was excused and I ran to the beach, and yes, I ran to the beach. There I met with Collin, who was pissed cause I was like thirty minutes late. When I explained him why I was late, he calmed a bit, but still was mad. 


It’s funny, how people always think I am dating someone, I mean, I’m always with a boy. I’m going to tell you about the six rumours of me dating someone different every time. 


First, we have Caleb. Everyone swears Caleb and I are dating because we spent a lot of time together, I mean, he is my best friend and I basically live in his house. But nothing to worry, I won’t date him. He’s on the family zone.


Second, we have Collin. People think I am dating him because I surf with him, and so when there is competition we are always together, and if we need to travel, I’m always sharing a room with him. I won’t date him cause he says I’m a stupid little girl. Ok, not that, but he claims I am a sister…


Third, we have Carl. As our fathers work together, they (our parents) believe that we will end up marrying. So not happening, Carl isn’t my type.


Fourth, we have Blaze. We may have shared kisses and some other stories throughout our lives, but we are nothing, at least not right now…


Fifth, we have Hunter, they photoshopped one photo… We are not friends like we should be…


And last, we have Robert. The crazy kid whom once said we were dating to save his ass…



Difficult life I have right? Rumors running around, people trying to make me feel normal, my father asking me to do stuff for him, myself trying to be normal. But, what can I say, it does have it’s perks like, spending some time Sebastian, the super hot surfer trainer I have. 


Sebastian became my trainer after I won my very first competition and my old trainer said that it was just pure luck and that I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to be ready for the next one. Not once Sebastian has lost faith in me. Now wondering why I didn’t mention him in my  long list of people who are supposed to be my boyfriends, well because he is taken and engaged to his famous ‘wonder girl’. Fucker. 


“Why are you late Esther?” Sebastian asked me when I left Collin.

“I was in an interview my father asked me to participate in.” I replied. 

“Don’t.” Sebastian said taking my board. “We are going to swim today.”

“Swim?” I questioned.

“Punishment for being late.” Sebastian replied.

“It wasn’t my fault okay.” I said. “I wanted to escape, but oh no, how will Esther Gunner, not be in the interview for the magazine? It’s my fathers fault. Not mine.”

“Esther.” Sebastian warned.

“What?” I whined stripping so I was left in my swimsuit.

“Fifteen minutes.” Sebastian said. “And if you complain, you will have a whole hour.”

“I think I am allowed to complain, and do it anyway.” I said.

“No.” Sebastian replied. “Hurry.”



Maybe I don’t get punished back home, but the people who treat me normal, really take that job serious. Oh, I think I can now say, see! My life isn’t always perfect, I don’t get away with whatever I want.

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