Daughter To Famous

Esther Gunner, the only daughter to famous Rockstar Enoch Gunner, lead singer of Devil Five, has decided to write down her life so that people read it and figure out that it isn't as simple and easy as the movies picture it.

Follow Esther as she narrates you, the story of her life.

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13. Chapter Thirteen



And so we go back again to the part in which I nag about how much I hate the celebrity life. It’s some sort of bipolar feeling towards it, but I can’t help it, it just happens. How am I supposed to love it when it only brings shit to my life? Okay, okay, not always, but most of the time. 


I pretty sure that you are wondering what on earth I am complaining about. So… It’s the last week from the European tour (2 months almost gone) and as always there is some sort of important night where Devil Five is invited and so are we, Little Devil Five. 


It all started a few days before it. Shall we review it??



“Esther a word please!” My father shouted, as I played some COD with Blaze. I rolled my eyes and paused the game. 

“Coming!” I shouted standing up. “Don’t you dare to cheat.” I warned Blaze with a smirk on my face. “I mean it.” I added before walking towards my father.


I approached to the living room and saw that my dad was working on his laptop. Probably some laptop issues… I walked around and stood right behind him, only to see that he had an email invitation to the biggest party here in Europe, ‘Star Collision Party’.


“Sup dude.” I said. “Need assistance?”

“No.” My father replied. “I need you to read this and then go out with Blaze to buy a dress.”

“Excuse me?” I replied. 

“Excuse you.” My father snapped turning around. “You are coming this year Esther. Whether you want or not.”

“Ugh!” I stumped and walked back to the living room. 


How could he dare to ask me to come to some stupid party I’ve always managed to avoid? Couldn’t he understand that I hated those parties? I know he knows about my hate towards the spotlight, and because of that he shouldn’t make me go!


“Esther?” Blaze questioned as I returned. “What happened?”

“Asshole wants me to go to the Star Collision Party.” I replied rolling my eyes. “I’m supposed to go and buy a dress with you.”

“Love, why don’t you give your father a break? Go to this party, it isn’t as bad as you think.” Blaze replied. “I’ve been going since I was ten, believe when I say they are actually fun.”

I rolled my eyes but grabbed my wallet. “Hurry up.” I sighed. 

“I love you.” Blaze whispered to me. 



So see, I was COMMANDED to go to a party I’ve never wanted to assist, but what sucks more is the fact of the party itself. What happened there, and how that event fucked up everything. 



I returned to the apartment we were in with several dresses in hand, for my father to choose which one he liked the best. If he was going to make me go, I was sure in hell make him suffer for that decision. 


Blaze wasn’t really happy with my idea, but at the he agreed to do it anyway, he was supposed to keep me happy. 


I knocked on my father’s door, as he opened I explained to him that I couldn’t decide which dress to use for the party, so that he had to help me choose one. He wasn’t thrilled by that idea, but he was happy that I was deciding to go to the party. 


After an hour, he decided for the simple white dress, as we were on the same page, I proceeded to get ready. 


It was going to be a long night. 


So now you see how of a spoiled brat I can really be when I want to. Now to the part of the story that is actually interesting. 


After everyone was ready, we all gathered inside the limo and we were off to Star Collision Party, in honour of Devil Five and their amazing support… BLAH!


As we climbed down the limo, we were caught with flashes from cameras and people asking and shouting us questions. Blaze grabbed my hand and shield me from all the people. I hid my face with my free hand and managed to get inside the building without much further questioning or really having someone question me. 


As we entered I regretted coming to this party. I knew that it was going to be a bad night just by the look of people here. I might have not told you about my past, but a couple of years ago, I might have made a fool out of Hercules Ferguson, a stupid pop star and well… since then, he wants to get revenge on me, and guess who is here. 


“Blaze.” I whispered. 

“Yes?” Blaze questioned.

“Ferguson is here.” I motioned with my view. “This is not good.”

“Is Ferguson the same Ferguson you umm kinda you know…” Blaze started. 

“Got out his naked photo on the internet?” I finished. “Yeah, the same one.”

“We should bail.” Blaze said. 

“Why?” Carl butt in the conversation.

“Why what?” Robert and Hunter said at the same time.

“We are bailing because this isn’t the best party ever.” I said. 

“Excuse us?” Carl said. “Care to explain.”

“Do you know Hercules Ferguson? I questioned. 

“The naked guy?” Hunter questioned. 

I let out a growl. “Yeah, that one.” I mumbled.

“What with him?” Robert questioned. 

“I might have been part of the reason his photos got leaked…” I rolled my eyes. 

“Really?” Hunter chuckled. “How awesome.”

“Not!” I cried. “He wants revenge and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be good.”


I was about to explain how it happened. I mean it wasn’t my fault. He sent me the photos because he wanted to date me, but I wasn’t interested in him, it turns out that I lost my phone and some fan found it sending the photos out to the world… and they thought it was my fault. When I felt a presence of someone behind me. 


“Gunner.” I heard Ferguson said. “Long time no see.”

I turned around. “Hercules.” I fake smiled. 

“Are you going to keep sending naked photos?” Hunter chuckled. 

“Shut up.” Ferguson and I said at the same time.

“You know Esther.” Ferguson started. “You owe me so much.”

“I owe you nothing.” I rolled my eyes. “I didn’t do it.”

“Oh you do.” Ferguson said. “You sent them out.”

“I didn’t!” I cried. “I lost my phone and they sent them out.” 

“Your lying won’t get you anywhere.” Ferguson spat before leaving. 


I blew out some air and rolled my eyes. This is going to be the worst party ever. 


After the little stunt with Ferguson, Blaze, Carl, the twins and I managed to have a nice time. WE dance, talked, joked and everything was amazing, until I saw Ferguson with my father and then when my father stared at me with dead eyes.






 “YOU’RE THE MOST AWFUL PERSON EVER!” My father shouted at my face.

Tears threatened to fall out of my eyes. “It wasn’t my fault.” I whispered. “You do remember that I told you I lost my phone that night right? Someone leaked the photos when they found my phone.”




I turned around and walked away from him. 


Fuck this life.

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