Its Just For Fame

I have to date louis! And manage one direction! Yay. But. Louis has a gf and I have no idea how to manage those animals! This is gunna be tough THANKS PAUL! Oh and my name is katherine


3. meeting the boys

Ok. Get ready katherine. Its time to meet the boys, but most of all, louis. I took a deap deap breath. First I have to meet louis, and Im not to tell him Im the new manager eather. I stepped off the plane. I looked for paul. He was standing with my name on a paice of paper. I walked over to him. I stood right infront of him, he cept looking around. "can you move miss? Im looking for my err friend." he didnt know it was me? I knew it! Im to ugly for him to think its me. "um... paul?" he looked at me. "yes?" I rolled my eyes. "Im Katherine."




"Im Katherine." I felt my body go stiff. she, she was the most beutiful girl I had ever seen. all the boys would want to date her now. I opend my mouth. "wow I thought you would be less beutiful sorry." I felt myself blush and she blushed as well. "Well? Am I going to meet louis or not?"




Ok louis dont panic. Its just a girl, a girl paul said was perfect looking in every way! I walked to were I was suposed to meet her, the park 1 block away, I almost had to hide up a tree from fans but I got lucky. I got to the park and stopped dead in my tracks. there, waiting at my table were I was suposed to meet her, was a beutiful slender girl with pretty wavy/straight dirty blond hair and blond highlights. She was wearing a tight dress that went to her nees that was lime green. her flats were the same color. god she was beutiful. her eyes met mine and we stared. her eyes had been blue untill she saw me, then they turned green, then aqua. they ere perfect. I walked up to her. "hey." I said looking at my shoes. "hi." "your katherine am I corect?" she sighed. "what gave it away?" I giggled. "a beast I wish to never see again." she giggled and said agreed. "so hi im katherine I am 21 years old my favorite color is lime green and neon orange. I love cats and dogs, and pandas and monkeys. oh and turtles. My favorite song is little white lies and alive." She blushed when she told me her favorite songs, probably because me and the boys sang them. "well you are probably a directioner so you probably know lots about me. correct?" she blushed bright red. "correct." I giggled. "well I have to go meet my new manager so bye, love." with that I ran off




He was so perfect. I had felt my eyes change color when I saw him. damb them. now I had to go meet the boys. as there manager. louis would have no idea his girlfriend was his manager so its gunna be weird. time to go.


"Hi guys Im your new manager!" I said with a huge grin. they started to look at me in aw and nial started to drool. "oh and niall?" he nodded his head and licked up the drool. ew. "I brought pizza and nandos for you ALL! niall dont eat it all ok?" All I saw was a drool puddle around a fake fainted niall. he got up and started kissing the ground infront of me. "you are the BEST manager EVER tank you my queen THANK YOU!" All the boy burst out laughing and so did I. "hey weres louis?" I asked them all. liam was the one who answerd. "he will be here soon he was just with his girlfriend, paul told you about the cheating thing right?" I gulped. "ya. the girl doesnt seem to happy that its cheating she is helping louis with." they all looked at me weird. liam was about to open his mouth when a smilling louis walked in the room and plopped himself on the couch. "hi guy-" he looked at me and his eyes widend. "um hi louis, I guess your wondering why Im here....." "I THOUGHT YOU WERE JUST MY GIRLFRIEND NOT MY MANAGER TOO!" he said it with shock not anger and then all the boys shared his shocked face. "oh ya everyone meet louis girlfriend!"




 I walked in to stop the shock. "oh ya everyone meet louis girlfriend!" they all stayed in shock, exsept for louis, he looked like he wanted to punch my face tell I was dead, so did katherine. Oh well. To bad to sad. I smirked to myself as louis came at me.

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