That girl in the converse

That girl in the converse

Blurb: Angelia or angel as everyone at her school calls her angel hates her real name she thinks it's too girly, angel has a reputation at her school she is the baddest kid at her school no one ever messes with her but then one day a certain Zayn Malik and his mates enrol to her school and he really gets on her nerves because at Zayn's olds school he was the trouble maker. So what will happen when they cross paths, read to find out?!


10. wrong timing

Nialls POV:

I was waiting at the back oval with a rose in my hand, I hope angel comes down here to see who wrote the note, I hope she likes me back otherwise I just ruined any chances to be with her or to even continue being friends with her. I saw her walk over here, she looks so perfect with the wind blowing her blonde hair back as she walks towards me. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn't even see Zayn and the boys standing in front of me blocking my view of angel. Zayn pushed me to the ground and started yelling insults at me. 'brace face, dumb blonde, bad singer, forever alone' he started screaming in my face as the other boys laughed. I stood back up and looked at my feet in complete embarrassment and humiliation, as I could still hear them laugh. 'I looked stepped to the side and looked at angel again, she's so perfect her hair, her eyes, her body, her personality, her. I didn't realise I was staring at her Zayn followed where my eyes were at and looked over his shoulder to look at angel, 'dude you seriously think she would fall for an ugly, stupid, fat guy like you, she is such a babe' he insulted me again, 'you know I might make her mine' he snickered again as he walked off in her direction. I looked back over to her and saw her running away after looking away from me tears in her eyes, she is probably embarrassed of what she saw. I knew i should've waited to see if we would become close as friends then ask her, she probably wants a hot guy who is hot and has abs like Zayn not like an ugly fat idiot like me. Zayn was right she would never fall for me and now I blew my chances of us ever being and item and now continue being friends. I chucked the rose on the floor in anger and ran off crying upset and embarrassed.

Angels POV:

I decided that I'll go and see this secret love, I was walking down the hill to go to the back oval when I saw Zayn and his crew immediately I knew it was a prank, I felt so embarrassed and humiliated and do angry but all I could do was cry. Ran out of the school and all the way home as soon as I got to my apartment I went to my bedroom and cried, I've never felt this sad but angry at the same time before it's like I want to cry and hug into my pillow but I also want to go rage and punch the wall. I just laid down on my bed and cried myself to sleep.

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