That girl in the converse

That girl in the converse

Blurb: Angelia or angel as everyone at her school calls her angel hates her real name she thinks it's too girly, angel has a reputation at her school she is the baddest kid at her school no one ever messes with her but then one day a certain Zayn Malik and his mates enrol to her school and he really gets on her nerves because at Zayn's olds school he was the trouble maker. So what will happen when they cross paths, read to find out?!


14. getting back on track

Zayn's POV:

So it's the day after angel told me to go away, it kinda hurt me, but I'm not going to stop trying who cares if she told me to go away, I don't take no for an answer, but other than that I've been kinda bored and yesterday I totally told off Niall for snickering when I told the boys the story about the story, I said: why are you laughing like you'll get a better shot with her you won't even talk to her anymore, he got mad so he went up to his room and stated their for the rest of the day, properly crying he's a total girl.

Niall's POV:

I'm thinking about talking to angel and telling her about the love note and everything, but the only problem is Zayn, how will I talk to angel without Zayn getting in the way. He's been so obnoxious to me for no reason, it's really irritating!

Angel's POV:

Ugh it's Monday! I hate Mondays, I woke up to the sun shining in my face, I got up and stretched my arms, I went to the bathroom and had a shower and brushed my teeth, I decided to wear black skinny jeans, a white singlet and my black converse, I was watching tv when there was a knock at the door. I paused the tv, I rushed over to the door and opened it to reveal, Niall "hi angel" he said "hey Niall" I replied kinda surprised "can I come in?" he questioned "of course" I answered as he stepped in and sat on the couch, there was awkward silence for about a minute but it was broken when Niall finally spoke "im sorry." he spoke "it's alright, but all I want to know is that why were you ignoring me. Did I do something wrong?" I questioned "the truth is that...... I wrote the love letter" Niall spoke shyly and slowly, I was really surprised, but there was still a question I needed to know, " why didn't you come down to the back oval when it was in the letter?" I asked confused "well I was their it was just that when you came down Zayn was down there to and him and the boys all crowded around me yelling stuff in my face, but I had a rose in my hand but Zayn chucked it on the ground." Niall replied kinda sad. Tone honest I was felling sorry for him, but the thing was that I liked Niall, but I fell for a guy like Niall before and it didn't end out right and I'm afraid that it will end up with Niall to, I like Niall but I'm scared but then Niall said something, "I know that you like me but you're scared that it will end up wrong" "how did you know that?" " "I know girls" she said proudly "I have an idea, you go out with me for a week, and if I do something wrong we just be friends, do we have a deal?" He questioned I thought for a moment "ok so do we start now?" I asked "yes we do" he replied "ok well I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked "sure ill pick you up" he replied I lead him out the door and Niall pecked me on the lips.


I was just about to go to sleep and I thought

I'm really going to do it.

A/N thank you guys for posting your opinions and ideas, I would like you guys to post if I'm doing anything wrong, thanks my little cookies:)

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