Something that finally goes right

Jessica is an abused daughter who is done with her dad. After running away one faithful night she meets harry in an unexpected way. Will he help her through her pain or will he look the other way


3. something new

Harry's p.o.v.

I was fucked I hit a girl with my car. I paid for her hospital bill and I'm letting her stay here hopefully thats enough. I felt my mind drifting thinking about she was truly pretty. Wait what?! I nedd to stop thinking that this girl might ruin my life and it's my fault.

Jessica's p.o.v.

I wake up not knowing where I was great. I remember what happen and why Im here. I don't know what to do. Should I get up and find harry? Should I stay in bed?

Luckily I didn't have to think for long because Harry walked in and sat on my bed. He brought waffles my favorite!

He looked in my eyes fear showing. "I know I'm asking a lot but could you please not let the press find out about this? I would lose my career and a lot of fans." "I'll let you stay as long as you need and help you find a permanent place to stay just help me with this?"

I wasn't going to tell anyone who would I tell anyways? My mom? My dad?"I won't I promise." "thank you thank you thank you."Harry gets up and grabs me my bag."now you can get changed and come down stairs if you like."

I get dressed pulling on a red hollister top, ripped jeans, and my grey uggs. I was thinking and realized something harry was a part of one direction.

I didn't even realize last night wow. I also realize he was perfect his perfect brown hair with deep curls. His perfect jaw line. His eyes that stare straight into your soul. Shit. You were falling for him but he would never go for you. You would be lucky to be his friend. You need to push your feelings aside and just go with things. You head down stairs.

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