Something that finally goes right

Jessica is an abused daughter who is done with her dad. After running away one faithful night she meets harry in an unexpected way. Will he help her through her pain or will he look the other way


5. new found family

Jessica's p.o.v.

I just got off the phone. My brother was involved in a car crash. His friend was drunk driving and my brother was in the passengers seat. He went through the windshield. He was pronounced dead on the scene he was all I had now I'm alone.

I walk in and spill to the boys harry grabs me and before I even know it I'm crying into his chest. Suddenly Louis pulls me into his chest and scolds harry for some unknown reason. I am happy to have them but it seems to good to be true. I just meet them and I already feel so close to them.

Harry's p.o.v

Really Lou? Wow all I was trying to do was comfort her but he grabbed her. Wait when I hugged her, I felt something love? No it can't be we just met and Louis is acting like her brother he would kill me.

Louis's pov

I ripped Jessica out of Harry's arms for a reason. I could tell he wanted her and I knew it. She needed a safe place to stay where she wouldn't need to worry about dating or break ups. Harry doesn't know how to control himself around girls he wants them no matter what. But I think I saw something different in his eyes as he looked at her was it? No it couldn't be! Could it? What ever I'll ignore it.

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