Something that finally goes right

Jessica is an abused daughter who is done with her dad. After running away one faithful night she meets harry in an unexpected way. Will he help her through her pain or will he look the other way


4. getting by

Jessica's p.o.v.

I walk down stairs and I'm surprised to see all or one direction sitting there. Hi I say in a nervous tone. The boys practically leap towards me and the are all talking a mile a minute. Whow. Lou finally yells at the boys to stop and steps forward. Are you ok? I know you were just at the hospital and everything that just happened with you're dad and now your stating in a strangers house. Wow Louis really seemed concerned so did all the other boys.

Then they all asked me questions. It made me feel like I was there only thought. Me just a plain old normal girl.i told them my name Jessica grace Robertson, my birth day June 23, 1995 and my story. They were all crying at the end I told them all I had was my brother than I got the call.

Louis p.o.v.

She had such a hard life. I cantbelive she's so strong. Harry better let her stay as long as she needed. That won't be to hard for him. Right then she got a call and left. I turned to harry and saw his face I knew that face. He had a crush nothing new. I went over to him and told him that this girl is different and he can't just get a crush than end it. She needed somebody, friends. We needed to look out for her and harry couldn't ruin it. I told him to stop his feeling and to just be nice.

She walked in with tears her eyes my heart melted I just met her but I knew we would be close I felt like I've know her my whole life. Like she was my sister and she needed protection. At that moment I knew she and I would be close.

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