Something that finally goes right

Jessica is an abused daughter who is done with her dad. After running away one faithful night she meets harry in an unexpected way. Will he help her through her pain or will he look the other way


6. five months later

Harry's p.o.v

it's been five months since Jessica started living here I'm going crazy. She's become very good friends with the boys and their girlfriends. All I can think about anymore is her her face her eyes her hair her everything is perfect I need her. I can't even get to her though Louis treats her like she's his daughter.

I'm about to ask her out but I have to wait for the boys leave. If she says no I don't wanted to be awkward between us and have her worry about our friendship. Louis would kill me if you knew what I was about to do. I hear the all saying bye here I go.

Jessica's p.o.v

My life has changed sooo much in five months. It's crazy to think how different my life would be if harry HADNT hit me with his car. I wouldn't have met the boys or have become part of there family. I would probably be living on the streets.

I've gotten so used to being with my horrible father being with the boys seemed like heaven but it was hard bring around Harry and not flirting. But I don't wanna ruin what I have with the boys. I've been pushing my feelings aside for the sake of family. It's not getting easier but I will have to deal. Fuck. I'm thinking about him again reality check. Ok. Good.

I said bye to all the boys and than put on a movie. harry then walked down the stairs. He seemed different? Nervous. Wonder why he's almost never nervous unless it's about the boys or me. Shit what happened?!

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