Mr. & Mrs. Horan

"Will they find us?" I said fearful.
"No honey... Shhhh" Niall said trying to clam me down.
"I hear them coming, hide" Niall said.
I ran and hide before they could find me.
"Where is the Horans" I heard unfamiliar voice say.


8. chapter 8

Scarlett's POV

My shot open a loud sound. i looked around the room to see what it was and it happened again, i looked over to see Niall on the other side of the bed. i stood up and i opened the door, and i saw Harry. 

"Can i come in?" Harry said while looking to see if anyone was coming.

"Sure and why were you looking out in the hall when you said that" i said worrying

"Somethings not good and you need to get out" Harry said while goes over by Niall to wake him up.

"why do we need to get out" i said frighten

"The police are coming to get you guys because someone notice you guys last night." Harry said

Niall eyes slowly open. "Niall, we need to go the police are going to be here any minute." i said 

"Ok, i just need to get the laptops, the keys, and the glasses." Niall said 

Niall got up and grabbed the laptop, also the keys. we both on our Sunglasses and all three of us went down stairs. we took the stairs again just in case and we ran down the stair. 

"Bye, Guys" Harry said while giving me a hug.

"Bye, Harry and thanks for your help." i said to harry

Me and Niall ran to the car and hopped in the car. Next stop the airport. once we got the airport we parked the car and we to the desk to print off our tickets. Then we rush to the security gate because our flight leaves in 5 minutes. 

"what if the security guards notice us." I said in fear

"They won't."Niall said

we were at they security gate and we put our stuff in a bucket and it went through the security check but we didn't put our glasses through there. they let us keep them on and i went through the security thing first and no beep and i was so glad. there was no beep for Niall. We grabbed our stuff and ran tot he gate because there was a minute left. we got to our gate and handed them the tickets. Me and Niall took our seats and we started to take off.

*skipping plane ride*

We got to California and went off the plane. Then i see Niall hug this random guy.

"i haven't seen since our band broke up." Niall said

"Who's this beautiful lady of yours." a guy with brown hair and blue eyes said

"This is Scarlett." Niall said to the random guy.

"Hi, I'm Louis and this is my girl friend, Natasya" Louis said while shaking my hand

"Hi Scarlett, you look beautiful." Natasya said

"You too." i said to Natasya.

"Ok, lets go." Louis said

Louis and Natasya were holding hands and walking to the car. 

"How do they know we were coming to their house." i said little creeped out.

"i texted Louis to pick us up and asked him if we could stay at his house for a while." Niall said and felt relieved.

 We all found the car and got into the car and drove to Louis mansion. then we were finally at the mansion.

"You guys have a beautiful Home." i said in shocked

"Thank you, i will show yo guys where you will be staying." Natasya said

WE all got out of the car and went inside. Then Natasya took my hand and she dragged me up the stairs to show me mine and Niall's room


Do u like it @A. Natasya !!! i will put you in the next chapter @ally2000!

i need to have a girl to be Liam's Gf.

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