Mr. & Mrs. Horan

"Will they find us?" I said fearful.
"No honey... Shhhh" Niall said trying to clam me down.
"I hear them coming, hide" Niall said.
I ran and hide before they could find me.
"Where is the Horans" I heard unfamiliar voice say.


13. Chapter 13

Nikki's POV 

i started to open my eyes and my vision was blurry. Then  I see a blurry hand move side to side in fronts of my face.

"Hello, miss, are you there." A guys says and keeps waving. My vison started to get clearer and clearer. Then it finally was all clear and I started to get up but then I fell. Liam came over to me and helped me up. 

"What just happened?" I said confused and the police man left to a group of other police men.

"You fainted when the police man said Scarlett and Niall were wanted." Liam said

"Who are they?" I said

"Did you loose your memory?" Liam said quietly

"No." I said putting my hand on my head.

"What's my name." Liam said

"Liam, I told I didn't lose  my memory." I said

"You have some of your memory."Liam said and I tried to walk but then I fell.

 "I think we need to take you to the hospital." Liam said as he picks me back up and walks me to the car. While we are driving in the car my head is pounding and I started to get dizzy.  My vison was getting blurry again and i fell asleep. I finally woke up and I opened my eyes. I looked aroud the room and I looked different. I looked to the sides and i found machines. I was in the hospital but why. 

"Hello, Mrs. Payne." A guy said but I didn't look at him when he said that.

"Why am I here." I said

"You lost your memory." A guy said and I looked at him. He was the doctor.

"Hi sweetie." Liam said and came over to me.

"How did I loose it." I said

"You fainted." Liam said

"Well we have to go." The doctor said taking Liam with him and left me in the room.


Liam's POV 

Me and the doctor left the room. 

"Ok so Nikki lost her memory." The doctor said

"What do i need to do?" I asked the doctor

"Your going to need  to recreate her memory." The doctor said

"Ok and is she stay here for a bit or she going home?" I asked the doctor

"She can go home." The doctor said

"Ok, thank you so much." I said as I go into the room

"What did he say?" Nikki asked me

"He said you can come home." I said smiling.

"yay" Nikki said as she got out of the bed. I went over to grabbed her hand and walked with her out the door. Then we went to the front desk.

"I need to check out, Nikki." I said

"Ok and what room number was she in." The girl  at the front desk said

"She was room number 221." I said as we walk through the door. We walk to the car and I go to her side to open the door for her. I opened the door and she got in, then I got into my side and drove off.


Hey guys!! How was school for you guys! I had a sucky week, I have been sick for three whole days. 

~Katelyn <3


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