All i want for christmas

A 17 year old girl is in winter break and might find love or just meet her idiol that will forget her forever
No hate it's my frist


4. Chapter 3

Cierra's P.O.V

Skips movie

Lets order pizza I said since the boys where eating at a resterount so while we waited I shuggest we whth a movie he said "Wht movie love" I bushed like an idiot AGAIN he smirked so Wht movie I SAID "PICTH PERFECT" HE SAID "OK" in a girly Irish voice as we whted the pizza didet come SADLY so we didet eat I was solwly falling a sleep and I layed my head in his chest an fell asleep and he was up I think still. When I woke up It was 11 Am and I was in a bed I got up and went downstairs "finely up love" i blush to much he said I made breakfast where are the boys I said he said there not here at there places. Is my chest good he smirked yes qut conve I said. LETS EAT YA it vary good Niall thx btw 4 days till Xmas Ik I said as I was staring into his deep blue eyes and he was staring into mine he slowing leaned in his lips where soft and his lips where so perfect on mine..............

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