All i want for christmas

A 17 year old girl is in winter break and might find love or just meet her idiol that will forget her forever
No hate it's my frist


3. Chapter 2

When I woke up it was 9 AM so I woke Briget up and we got dressed in our 1D shirts then ran down the Stairs and out the door and ran to my car and we drove to the concert we found a parking place and it was 1 PM so we got or V.I.P passes and went backstage I saw NIALL and he was talking to the boys then we said Hi then they looked up and I was so nervous he said"Hi love" I started blushing like an idiot. Brget was about to pass out I saw it in her face she didet say a word untill Harry said "come over here love" she then passes out. We got her and they asked if we chould stay.

Niall's P.O.V

She was butitful her Eyes where choclet brown she had light brown hair and had glasses that were so adorable on her I said "Hi Love" she blushed like crazy then we asked if she whould like to stay she said ya

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