All i want for christmas

A 17 year old girl is in winter break and might find love or just meet her idiol that will forget her forever
No hate it's my frist


2. Chapter 1

When I got to school I got dention for being 3hours late.

(Skips School)

My BFF Briget ask If we choud whth 1D because there was so pose to be a twitcam after school. I said "No, can't hav dedtion" she said"ok I'll try to win tickets cause they're giving out tix for 10 peps And V.I.P passes"ok I said u hope u get some btw don't stop calling ever untill there done. Lol I will u are kinda obsessed with them. No I don't hav a obsessing. Kk by see u later Cierra. Bye. While I'm in detention I whth the twitcam with my headphones (btw u can do anything in there detention) I called and I..............WON I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skip Detention.

After Detention I went to brigets house when I got there I told her and she said OMG I can met 1D and😍 HARRY😍STYLES. I said i can't wait to meet 1D and 😍NIALL HORAN 😍 and the concert was Tommow. I told her that we should wake up at 9 AM cause we hav to get there early so let's go whth the rest of the twitcam. When it was over we listened to 1D it was 6 PM so we made dinner (ps I was spending the night) when we were done making it we ate and it tasted HORRIBLE so we just ordered pizza when we were done eating the PIZZA we whthed PICTH PERFECT.

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