Suicidal love

Harry styles is far from happy. He suffers with depression, suffers from anxiety and also is suicidal. All he wants is a friend, he wants to feel happy. He nearly killed himself twice. What happens when he finally finds a friend? Will Harry recover and finally be happy? Or will he kill himself trying? Maybe it will all be too much for him, but can Megan help him through it? Read to find out!

I love Harry and I'm not trying to make him this way in my story on purpose! I really wanted a powerful love story and I'm kinda dedicating this to all the direct omers who are suicidal an guys are worth it. But if this offend story or upsets you in anyway please is not read because I don't want to make you sad. I love you!! Xx


9. chapter 9

Chapter 9

Harry's pov

I rushed to Megan's side and started cleaning off all the blood on her face. I was getting really worried, throwing up blood is normal at all.

"How do you feel Meg?" I asked as I flushed the toilet for her.

"Kinda weak and dizzy, but it's fine Harry" she shrugged it off as she walked out the room.

I quickly caught up with her and blocked her from walking anywhere else so I was facing her.

"Megan it's not okay...that isn't normal, we should go to the doctors" I said concernedly cupping her face with my hands.

"Seriously Harry, it's okay" she said in a stern voice then walked away from me again.

I shook my head in dissapointment. There was something wrong with her, no one just throws up blood. Why is she shrugging this off?

Whatever, I will just keep and extra eye on her.

*next day*

Megan's pov

It was early in the morning and I was finally going back to school. Harry has already dropped out and is looking into some colleges for music and singing, so I was on my own today.

Harry was still asleep and I didn't want to wake him so I quietly started getting ready then as quietly as I could, I left.

I got into my car and started driving to school, I was excited to go back to school, but also a bit scared. I had no friends other than Harry, and of course I'm not friends with Kyle. I was going to be on my own but, whatever.

Harry's pov

I quickly woke up when I didn't feel Megan beside me anymore. After I realized she went back to school I calmed down a bit. I hope she will be okay, I should have waited to drop out till she found a new friend.

I suddenly started to feel guilty, like I had only cared about myself and this whole music school thing. It wasn't true though, I care about her more than myself or anyone else.

My mom was out of town for a week or two and that's why I had Megan over, I felt like we both needed someone to watch each other, just I case. Depression is an odd thing, even though everything seems great and I feel good right now, it could start to take over my mind in and instant which is horrible.

Megan still hasn't found out about my not eating problem though, I honestly don't plan to tell her. I have had so many people at school beat me up and make fun of me, calling me fat and it hurt me really bad.

I decided to get back on the internet to keep searching for colleges to make sure my mind is busy.

Megan's pov

It was time for lunch and I was starting to worry. What if Kyle sits by me today? What if everyone stares at me because of what happened at the party last week? They are all going to make fun of me and bully me.

I finally got the courage to just walk in, and of course a lot of people were giving me rude stares but not everyone at least.

I sat down and started eating alone, when all the sudden a couple of girls come and sit next to me.

I looked up and smiled politely, happy that someone is sitting with me.

"Hello" I said feeling a bit shy.

"Hey, mind if we join you?" A red head said who had a unbelievable taste in fashion.

"What happened at the party last week? You were tot tally like almost dead" the other two girls beside her started to giggle but the redhead shut them up.

"We were really concerned about you" She added.

"Oh I was just a bit too drunk and passed out" It wasn't a total lie, I was drunk and passing out was probably the majority of It happening with the alcohol.

"Really? Well why was that guy, is it Harry? Holding an kiddy towel to your arm?" The redhead asked acting a bit concerned but more sinister than anything and I wasn't sure I could trust her yet.

"Oh that, when I fell I cut my arm on something sharp" I lied nervously.

"Well i sure hope you feel better" she said with smile that seemed fake.

"Thanks, I am"

They finally left and I suddenly started feeling a bit odd. I was dizzy and had a stomach ache, something didn't feel right at all. I quickly walked to the bathroom feeling like I was going to throw up again. As I got into the bathroom I started throwing up.

After I was finished I looked down into the toilet and saw nothing but blood, it was just blood and nothing else, just like yesterday.

I started getting worried. I thought I was going to be fine yesterday but now that I'm doing it again really worried me. I decided to have Harry come and get me from school since I didn't really feel too well after throwing up.

"Hello? Meg, you okay?" Harry asked as he answered the phone.

"I'm okay but Harry could you pick me up?"

"Why babe? What's wrong?"

"I need to go to the hospital Harry, you were right, something's wrong"

Okay this chapter sucked and it's kinda short bit Ii wanted to update for you all! Ily xxx

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