Story of My Life

It's about a Girl name Phoebe she is shy and nervous all the time until something in her life changed


1. My Horrible Life


I'm one of those people who don't talk much. I would be shy and nervous.

I am one of those girls who gets bullied every year. I would get beaten up.

I wish my life would be perfect.

By the way my name is Phoebe. I am only 14 .

I also hate my life . This all started when I was born I was born on a cold winter .i was born deaf but I can hear now. I had a twin sister but she died when she was born. I was also switched at brith but if I wasn't switched at brith I would have been a foster child.

It was a just a interesting story.

Well what can I say I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers.

I grew up as a happy child.

Ever since 3 grade I changed schools every year or every month.

I was homeschooled for 2 years.

But sometimes I would skip school. But 2 years ago I got raped by a really. mean man . I was pregnant at age 12 because of the raped thing and ever since that people were saying "omg she is a slut all she does is sleep with other men.

I would always try to tell my parents and teachers but they never listen to me.

My family is also poor .

My sisters are spoiled and my brothers are jerks.

I wish My family were nice to me.

I also have a deadly illness that no one knows but at least I am cured . It took me 3 years to be cured I had 3 surgery, lots of shots and more I hate talking about it. I now live with my grandparents cause my mother died last year by a drunk driver and my dad was in the army.

But I woke up and I was really wide awake for really no reason then I looked at the time and I was going to be late so I did a side braid and I put on my school uniform and got my stuff and I was ready to go. So my grandmother dropped me off to the school and it was a big school.

I saw lots of jocks,nerds,geeks,bands,cheerleaders and more and I was just that girl from NYC who was nice and stuff but the school looked very old and i don't know but I had to find my locker which was Locker number 414 which was impossible to find but at least it was by my favorite subject art.

But then i saw these girls being so mean to this boy he looked cute but I felt so bad I would want to stand up for him but I'm to shy and nervous. I just didn't know what to do but I just walked away I am just stupid I could of stand up I am just a loser my sisters were right they were always right I am stupid

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