Seventeen year old Emily Walter's life was a complete and utter disaster. Years after her mother passes away her father decides to move them to a little town called Allentown, Georgia to escape the past that their current home has. Will this move be good for them or will it just bring her more trouble than what she already has to deal with?


5. Partners, a New Friend and Death?

Emily's POV

Have you ever had one of those days where everything was just perfect? Where everything was bright and sunny and happy? Well i had one of those days today. Well almost. It all started with first period. I walked in and my eyes instantly landed on Brian. I couldn't help the smile that instantly grew on my face. This was a perfect way to start my morning. He motioned for me to sit on the empty seat next to him. I instantly walked across the room and took a seat next to him.

"Hey Emily" he said once i turned to look at him.

"Hi" I squeaked out. Oh my god how embarrassing. Why did I get so nervous around him? I have only known him for a day for goodness sake! I can't understand why i feel this way. My hands start to sweat and I start to act like an idiot. It doesn't help that he is extremely good looking. Oh god, is it even legal to be that good looking? What if he's walking around and people get distracted by him and end up in accidents? Well i wouldn't let him out of the house.

I was too distracted by my own silly thoughts that I hadn't noticed class had started and the teacher had started to give out today's assignment.

"Ok class today i am going to do something different. I am going to assign you a partner and you and your partner will spend this class period getting to know each other."

The class soon erupted into a chorus of groans and complains. Why would we need to get to know each other? Isn't this something that you usually do in the beginning of the year? Why force us to socialize and talk to someone that we obviously don't feel like talking to them. If we did then we would obviously be friends and we wouldn't be in our different "social groups". Before it got too crazy the teacher spoke again.

"This isn't just for today however. You and your friend will have to actually spend time with each other in and outside of school grounds. Get to know them, and at the end of the semester you and your partner will present a report on each other." he finished with a smile on his face. I glared up at him. He's enjoying this. I silently plan out his death in my head as he assigns partners.

"Lastly we have...Brian and Emily".

My head instantly shoots and i hear our names. Me and Brian? Is this really happening? Me? Now? What? I look over at Brian and see him looking at me.

"Hey partner" he says with a smirk on his face. I feel my face go red as I look away. Maybe i won't have to kill our beloved teacher after all. This is starting to be a good day already.


During lunch I couldn't seem to find Brian. I didn't really know where to sit. Serves me right for not getting to know anyone yesterday and being so focused on a guy. A really good looking one. I scanned the cafeteria until my eyes landed on a girl sitting by herself on the far end of the cafeteria with a book in front of her and her lunch untouched. I headed for her and silently prayed that she would let me sit by her. When I reached her I cleared my throat. She instantly turned around and her eyes landed on mine.

"Today's Tuesday so if you want something then wait until tomorrow. Today's my day off" and with that she turned around again. What? I sat down across from her and cleared my throat again.

"Are you stupid? Did you not hear what I said? Leave. Me. Alone" she said through gritted teeth glaring at me. Wow this girl is scary. I should leave. Leave and never get near her again. Yeah that's what I'll do. Then why am I not getting up? Oh right because im curious about this girl now. What did she mean when she said "today's my day off"? Is she a drug dealer or something? No, she couldn't be. She looked too innocent. Well, never judge a book by it's cover.

"Well are you just gonna stare at me like an idiot or what?" she snapped. Well she has a mouth on her doesn't she.

"I just wanted to see if it was all right to sit here? It's my second day here and i don't really know anyone" I replied calmly. Don't want her to bite my head off. Or my finger. Both are very useful and precious to me.

"And you thought that i was the best choice? I guess you really are new here aren't you?" she asked. I slowly nodded my head, cautious as to where this conversation was going.

"Well then, I'm Victoria. You are?" she asked looking at me expectantly with a small smile playing on her lips. Whoa. What happened to the girl that looked like she wanted to kill me? Not that im complaining, but her change in attitude was a bit nerve wracking.

"Im Emily. Emily Walters" I said.

"Nice to meet you Emily. Sorry about going off on you earlier, it's just hard to trust people these days now".

"Its cool. Don't worry about it"

She smiled before putting her book away and opening the sandwich on the tray next to her. I took this time to fully see her. I hope that doesn't sound creepy. Veronica was very pretty. She had long black hair that seemed to reach down to her lower back. She had these dark blue eyes that any guy could easily fall for. A heart-shaped face and a body that any girl would kill for. She wasn't very tall or short but just the right height that seemed to fit her perfectly. She seemed calm and cool wearing her band t-shirts and jeans. She seemed like she hadn't a care in the world.

"Can i ask you a question?"

"Sure" replied Veronica.

"What did you mean when you said today w as your day off?" i asked her.

"Oh that" she said nonchalantly. "I work in a music store and sometimes I sell things from the store to some of the students here. It's the owner's way of making more money"

"Oh cool. Maybe you could show me some things sometime" I offered. She just smiled and nodded her head. This girl was really not what i had expected, and she was selling things just like i had thought, but they weren't drugs. I really shouldn't let my mind wander like that, it could get me in trouble one of these days.

I was too busy wrapped up in my thoughts once again that i didn't hear Victoria talking to me.

"Im sorry what did you say?"

She sighed and rolled her eyes before replying,"I said, Brian Baer is burning a hole in the back of your head. What did you do to him?"

"What? Nothing, what are you talking about? Were partners for some project in English, that's all" I said looking down. I didn't want her to see my face when i thought about him. It always made me blush like crazy.

"It better be all. You wouldn't want to stir up any trouble" she said with a serious look on her face.

''What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Brian is trouble. Big trouble. He's nothing but a player who will only break your heart. And lets not forget about his 'girlfriend'" she said putting air quotes around the word girlfriend. He had girlfriend?! Of course he had a girlfriend, why wouldn't he? That's just great.

"Although they aren't really together. She's just someone he goes to when he wants to get a good lay. Savannah however, see's things differently. To her Brian is her's. No one can touch him, look at him, or even think about him. It's ridiculous" Victoria said with a shake of her head.

"And by the looks of it" she continued, "it looks like you already caused some tension".

I looked back and sure enough Brian was looking in my direction. He smirked at me before turning to look at something, or should i say someone, to his left. I followed his line of vision before my eyes landed on an angry blond. She was glaring daggers at me and if looks could kill i would be six feet underground by now. She looked between Brian and I before standing up and storming away with her little posse behind her. I turned around in my chair again and saw Victoria shaking her head back and forth with a sympathetic look on her face.

"It was nice knowing ya" she said to me.

My happy day had just turned into a horrible one. I was assigned to hang out with Brian until the semester ended and I had made a new friend, yet it was all ruined by that look of evil and hatred that the so called Savannah gave me.

I was screwed.

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