Seventeen year old Emily Walter's life was a complete and utter disaster. Years after her mother passes away her father decides to move them to a little town called Allentown, Georgia to escape the past that their current home has. Will this move be good for them or will it just bring her more trouble than what she already has to deal with?


8. Lifesaver

Emily's POV

Why is it so hard to find something to wear to a stupid date?! Why was I even trying so hard? It was just Brian, no one special. Yeah right I scoffed inwardly. Even I couldn't deny that fact that I had an attraction towards him. It had taken me hours to finally come to terms with it. I had refused to acknowledge the fact that in the few weeks that I had known Brian, even though we had only hung out a handful amount of times, I had developed a crush on him. Which is why I thought of this date as somewhat ironic. The whole point of this date was to prove that I wasn't like all those other girls that fell at his feet yet here I was admitting that I had a crush in him. To make things worse I was about to go on a date with him. How did I get stuck in this predicament? I plopped down on my bed giving up on finding an outfit.  Maybe I could call him and say that I can't make it. Maybe I could-

I was broken out of my thoughts by my phone ringing. I groaned as I sat up and picked up my phone. Victoria was calling me. I wondered why she was calling?

"Hello?" I said picking up.

"Don't even think about cancelling on him!!!" she yelled over the phone. I pulled the phone away from my ear and cringed. Jeez this girl had a pair of lungs on her.

"How did you know I was going to cancel on him?" I asked curious as to how she knew.

"Oh please Emily, I haven't known you that long but I know how your mind works. You were probably thinking of an excuse to tell him you couldn't go out with him".

Hmm interesting, yet freaky. I groaned plopping down on the bed with my phone pressed up against my ear.

"I have no idea what to wear. I'm freaking out over here and he's going to come in an hour" I complained to her.

"Don't worry I have the perfect outfit for you to wear. Get showered I'll be there in an hour" and with that she hung up. I pulled the phone away and stared at the screen. I shrugged and stood up to go to shower.

Just as she promised Victoria showed up thirty minutes later with a bag and her arms filled with clothes.

"Whoa what's all this?: I asked her as she stormed into my room looking out of breath.

"Just a few things that we need for your date".

"A few?" I asked looking as she set up her make up and curling iron in front of the mirror.

"Yes. Now come on let me work my magic" she said.

And so she did. She curled and plucked and combed until I was getting frustrated. Look up, look down, close your eyes, that's all I heard from her for the past hour and a half. I was about to snap at her when she pulled back and proclaimed "Done".

I sighed and turned to look at myself in the mirror. I was shocked at what I saw. I didn't even recognize myself. I was so used to seeing myself with only mascara on that I was speechless when I saw what Victoria had done to me. She had applied some pink light eye shadow and curled and applied mascara to my eyelashes. It didn't seem like a lot but it was a huge difference to me.

"And I have the perfect thing for you to wear" she said heading to my closet where she had hanged up the outfit she had chosen. She unzipped it from the black bag it was in and handed it to me. "Go get changed".

I grabbed the outfit and headed to my bathroom to change. The outfit was beautiful. It was a long sleeved white shirt tucked into a pink colored skirt with a bow on the side. It had ruffles on the front and went midway. She paired it with some cream colored flats with a bow at the front. It was a pretty good look over all. I was pleased. I walked out and did a little turn for Victoria. She grinned and clapped her hands. "Perfect".

"I didn't know you had it in you. All I ever see you wear is band shirts and jeans. You surprised me today" I said smiling back.

"Yeah well what can I say, I'm that good," she said polishing her nails on her shirt. "Plus you can never judge a book by its cover".

I nodded agreeing with her before I heard my father yelling. "Emily your date is here!"

I turned to look at Victoria with a freaked out look. I was so not ready for this. I think I might pass out. Victoria stood up and moved to step in front of me. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes.

"You can do this. Take a deep breath and relax. Remember what this date is for. Even though we all now you have a crush on him you can't let him know that. Resist him at all times, cause let's admit it..the boy is fine as heck!"

With that she pushed me towards the door and murmured a "good luck". I took a deep breath and opened the door of my room and stepped out into the hallway.

You can do this.


Hey my lovely's. I know its a short chapter and it's a little late but school had been crazy. Anyways, the next chapter will be the date between Brian and Emily. Don't know if I should do it in Brian's POV or in Emily's. Leave a comment telling me which one you would prefer.... or not. Totally cool if you don't.  (Porky Pig's voice) That's all folks! (Sorry for any mistakes)

Pic of Emily's Makeup:

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