Seventeen year old Emily Walter's life was a complete and utter disaster. Years after her mother passes away her father decides to move them to a little town called Allentown, Georgia to escape the past that their current home has. Will this move be good for them or will it just bring her more trouble than what she already has to deal with?


6. Getting To Know Him

Hello. Just wanted to thank those people who looked at my story. Very much appreciated ^-^ Thank you very much! :) Enjoy the chapter!

I was currently in hiding. Ever since the day that day that I received those scary looks from Savannah I seemed to see her everywhere in school now. I couldn't risk running into her or any of her wannabe followers. It may seem that I was a coward but I was smarter than to mess with a girl like her. She was scary as hell and there was no way that I was going to cross her path. I would rather have my toenails pulled out slowly. Somehow I believed that it would be less painful than whatever outcome came from messing with the devil, AKA Savannah. Ever since that dreadful day in the cafeteria Victoria had been telling me about Savannah. Apparently she was so horrible she could end your life, socially of course, with the snap of her fingers. Last year some girl bumped into her and made her spill her lunch all over herself. Well let's just say that no one ever heard from that girl again. Apparently she never showed up to school the next day and everyone instantly thought that she was just another one of Savannah's victims. What if that happened to me! Oh hell no, no way was I going to be the next person that Savannah attacks. It didn't help that I was now assigned to hang out with the one person that no one was allowed to go near at all. Brian Baer. That boy was going to be the death of me. Literally. I had been avoiding him also. There was no way that i was going to be seen in school with him. What if she saw us together and plots my death? There was no way that was happening.

But like always things don't go my way. Which brings me to my current situation. Here I am sitting in the bad boy's car. Yeah, that's what I'm calling him now. Bad Boy. I have heard enough stories about him since that day in the cafeteria to know that the nickname fit him perfectly. It was my plan to avoid him at all costs and not fall for his boyish charms. How can I do that if we have to spend time together?

"Were here"

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at Brian before looking at his house. It was huge! Actually that was an understatement. His house looked like twenty mansions put together. Ok, that was and exaggeration. It was pretty big, let's leave it at that.

"You coming?" I looked up at Brian holding open the door with a smirk on his face waiting for me. I clumsily got out of the car and followed him inside. 

"I should warn you about my parents. They can be a little....offensive" Brian said before ushering me inside the house.

"Offensive?" I mumbled to myself. Before I could ask him what he meant by that a lady, I'm guessing his mother, walked in.

"Oh darling you're home" she said before turning to look at me. "And you've brought company" she finished turning to face me completely. A look of what i could only describe as disgust appeared on her caked up face. She was a very tall woman, add that to the heels she was wearing and she all but towered over us. She was wearing a black skirt that reached her knees and a white button up blouse that was tucked in into her skirt. Her hair was up into what seemed to be a very painful bun.

"Hello mother. This is Emily, she's my partner for a project we have to do" he answered in a monotone voice.

"Hello nice to meet you" I said with the best smile I could muster and held out my hand for a handshake.

"Uh yes. Very nice" she said through gritted teeth looking down at my hand. Noticing that she wasn't going to shake my hand I quickly pulled it away.

"Yeah well we should get to work. Come on Emily" Brian said. He grabbed my hand and proceeded to pull me away from his mother, which i was thankful for.

"Your father will be home soon" she cried out before disappearing into another room.

"Whatever" he mumbled. I couldn't even focus on anything other than the tingly feeling that was shooting up my arm and throughout my whole body that appeared as soon as Brian grabbed my hand. I didn't even notice that we were now standing inside of a room. Brian's room. What i saw inside shocked me. I don't know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't this. His room was clean. He had a huge a bed covered in a dark blue comforter. He had a desk and some games and music set up nicely in a shelf on top of it. He had a closet and a bathroom. It was so simple. Yet it fit him perfectly.

"So what now?" he asked. He was laying down on his bed resting against the headboard. God he is so hot. I shrugged my shoulders and walked aimlessly around his bedroom aware of his piercing eyes watching my every move. I walked up to his music and video game selection scanning through the covers when a CD caught my attention. I picked it up and my eyes widened when I looked at the cover. It was a Volbeat CD.

"No way" I mumbled.

"What" he asked standing up to stand next to me. He was so close I could smell the cologne that he used, but nothing could distract me from what I was witnessing. In front of my eyes were hundreds of bands that I have admired ever since i had been able to understand what it was that they were saying through their songs. The collection he had was amazing! Volbeat, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin. He even had a few rappers like Hopsin and Eminem. (I really like these artists). I turn around with a shocked face on my face and hold up a CD.

"This is..amazing" I say. "You have to play one of these". I hold out a Volbeat disk and anxiously wait for him to take it.

"Um, you like this type of music?" he asks shocked.


"Really? I didn't know you were that type of girl".

"Yeah well, there's a lot you don't know about me" I say walking past him and laying down on his bed.

"Oh really? Like what?" he asks with a smirk on his face.

"Well that's why were here. You are just going to have to wait to find out" I say.

"Well then I guess were just going to have to spend a lot of time together aren't we" he says walking towards the bed with a smirk on his face. As a reflex I back away when he gets closer but that just ends up with me laying flat on the bed with Brian now hovering above me. Being this close to him makes me extremely nervous and I'm pretty sure he can hear my heart beating really fast. Is this normal? Is this what a heart attack feels like? Oh my, is it hot in here? I could feel his hot breath against my face as he spoke. "Do I make you nervous?"

His lips felt so close to mine, if I moved just an inch closer I would know what it was like to know what his lips felt like against mine. They looked so soft and plush and smooth and oh dear his eyes. So close, so very close...

'What is going on here!"

We both instantly jumped away from each other and faced the door. Brian's mother stood in the doorway glaring at us. Ok she was glaring at me, same thing. She looked scary as hell.

"Nothing mother. Did you need something?" Brian asked. He didn't look too pleased that his mother walked in.

"Your father is here, dinner is ready" she said not breaking eye contact with me.

"We'll be right down". She nodded once and walked away.

"Come on" he said grabbing my hand and walking downstairs towards the dining room.

"I should go home Brian. I don't think I'm welcomed here" I said once we walked into the living room. Brian's parents were sitting down at the table staring at us like we were aliens or something. Ok again, just me but come on! I need someone else to feel weird too.

"Who's this son?" Brian's father's voice boomed out.

"She's a friend dad, who is staying for dinner" he said looking at me with a look that left no room for argument.

"Hello nice to meet you" I said politely to him.

"Take a seat"

I hurriedly went across the table and took a seat next to Brian, across from his parents.

To say that dinner was uncomfortable was an understatement. No one spoke at all, not even once. No "pass me the salt" or "how was your day". It was complete and utter silence aside from the silverware clanking against the plates. It was torture. It didn't help that both of Brian's parents sent me deathly looks every now and then. It was, however, comforting to know that Brian felt my pain. We would occasionally send each other looks screaming "Save me!". Finally Brian spoke up.

"Well we should go. I need to take care of some things and I need to take Emily home" he said standing up, pulling me with him.

"Goodbye" I said before we were out of the house and into Brian's car. I let out a breath I didn't realize i was holding as we drove away from the house.

"I hate you so much for making me go through that" I said while Brian chuckled.

"Now you know my pain and you learned something about me that I like" he replied.

"Oh yeah, and what's that?"

He turned to look at me before answering. "I like that you make situations like that better for me with just your presence".

I didn't know how to respond to that so I turned to look at the window trying to hide the smile that crept up in my face. We arrived at my house after ten minutes of "turn here" and "make a right here". I turned to look at him and noticed he was gone. I looked around and saw him standing outside the car door waiting for me to get out. "Ladies first".

I got out of the car and walked up to my driveway with him next to me. "Well thanks for 'introducing' me to your parents" I said turning to face him.

"Yeah, don't thank me for that" he said chuckling. We stood there staring at each other until he cleared his throat.

"Well I should go"

"Uh yeah. I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked?

"Sure" he said before walking to his car and driving away.


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