Bad Boy Justin Bieber is the most popular kid and the biggest player in school. Everyone kisses the land he walks on. But will everything change after Ryan's big party? Will Jenna spill his secret to the whole school?
Let's start reading to find out;)



-Soo for the part of this assignment we need to interview each other and basically write a small paragraph..alright sounds easy


The two of them sat on Jenna's bed with their work out. Justin was doing most of the talking while Jenna was rolling her eyes and giving him one word answers.

-Okay..I'll go first...what's ur fav color?


-Ayee same.

-Well I now have to change my fav color..

Justin was getting sick and tired of Jenna's attitude but he has to get threw this. All he had to do was find his license and after that, humiliate Jenna Infront of the whole school. But for now he tried to do his work.

-Okay your turn

-Well I don't care about your life so I pass

-you have to ask me a question this is an assignment

-Alright fine. How many times have u cheated on a girl?

-that's not appropriate for this assignment, but I'll have you know that the answer is 0.

-ya right

-I'm serious

-like I'm gonna believe a man whore like u

Justin rolled his eyes

-alright well ask me an appropriate one now

-what's ur fav food

-pussy. I'm joking calm down. Um id have to say pizza.

-your fucking nasty

Justin and Jenna spent the next few hours asking each other dumb and pointless questions and eventually finished there work. After Justin left Jenna got a call from Katie but ignored it and deleted her texts without reading them. She felt bad but she wasn't in the mood to tell her best friend that she had just spent the afternoon with someone they both hate.

Justin got home and called Ryan.

-Hey bro!

-Heey how was the date

-it wasn't a fuckin date I hate that girl

-hahaa any luck finding ur license?

-no man...she didn't leave the room I never got a chance too.

-maybe cuz she Dosent trust u


-why don't u make her trust u?

-how the fuck? She hates me more than I hate her.

-True..I dunno man u could act like ur in love with her

-No way what the fuck that's gross

-Dude there's no other way

-ight..but, she wouldn't like me back..She thinks I'm a man whore

-that's the thing..make her believe ur not cuz u ain't

-thanks bro. And I guess it's a pretty good idea but I don't think I'm ready to mess with someone's feelings..what if she ends up liking me back. I can't tell her my love was fake

-that's true..but there's no other way

-I guess ur right. Besides, bitch deserves it.

-haahaha Yeahh. Dude I gotta go but I'll catch ya later


With that the phone call ended

The next day Jenna was getting her books from her locker when she heard a voice.


Jenna turned around to see her best friend standing there.

-Katie ur back?!

-yup. I texted u, called u but got no answer

-oh I'm sorry my phone was dead and I lost my charger

Jenna felt bad about lying

-no worries! So tell me the deets what happened after our last phone call? Did you ruin his life?

-Well no..


-there's no point. It's whatveer

Katie had a confused look on her face. Just then Justin arrived at his locker

-Hey Jenna lookin hot today

Katie and Jenna were shocked

-Excuse me?

-Are u deaf?

-I heard you. Please dont speak to me ever again Lesley

Justin noticed Katie was standing right there staring at her in shock cuz. Jenna had said it right there in front of someone.Jenna noticed his attention was towards Katie.

-Calm down buddy she always knew. She's ur trash can remember? Don't you think she has the right to know?

Justin slammed his locker and walked away.

-I'm sorry you had to see that Kate

-why'd he call u hot?

-He's a dick that wants me to keep my mouth shut.

-oh right. Well I better get to class for extra help. I have a lot I need to catch up on. Text ya after school!

-k byee

In English, Ms Kotes had assigned the second part of the project. Jenna groaned at the thought of working with Justin again.

-Jenna and Justin. You guys did amazing on your 1st part of the assignment keep it up!

They both rolled there eyes. A minute later justin turned around in his seat facing Jenna

-Wanna work on the project at my place tonight?

-No thanks


-go fuck yourself

-My place it is. Here's the address. Be there at 3

Jenna got home and checked her phone seeing a text from Katie. "Hey! Movies tonight? Anything? We need to hang. Reply when u see this love ya" Jenna didn't reply to the text feeling awful but she had to go to Justins tonight. She cared about her grades and if it meant havin to go satans house she'd accept. She didn't wanna tell Katie about how her and Justin are partners, it felt awkward just thinking about it. She sat on the couch in the living room when her mom walked in.

-Hey sweetie

-Shouldn't u be at work?

-yup just needed to get some files I forgot at home. I'm going back soon


-Oh did u see Katie at school today? Her mom called me to let me know they're back

-yeah Aha

-So I'm guessing you girls having a girls night tonight considering it's been so long? I bought some boxes of popcorn last night feel free to watch many movies and eat popcorn

-Thanks mom but, I have to go to Justins soon

-what why? Are you 2 dating?

-Ew no! And we need to finish a stupid project.

-alright. You know he's a decent boy. A total teenage hottie.

-mom ur gross please stop he's disgusting and I can't stand him

Her mother Laughed and headed back to work.

A little while later Jenna was standing at Justins door about to knock. The house was huge. She knocked, her legs were shaking.

-Hey there

Justins mom had opened the door. Jenna looked at her long brown hair and gorgeous eyes. She was perfect.


-Are you Jenna? Justin said you'd come over soon

-Yes I am

-Well Jenna come in, I'm Pattie

-Nice to meet you Pattie

-Nice to meet you too darling. Justins upstairs. His room is the furthest right. Good luck on your work!


Jenna headed upstairs feeling more than awkward. Especially after Justin called her hot earlier that day. She knew he was just saying that for his lisence, but she still felt awkward.

-Hey Jenna ur here!

Jenna gave Justin a dirty look and sat down on his bed. His room was huge and full of posters with girls and cars.

-K let's finish this so I can leave.

-I already started earlier so we won't have to do so much work

-oh great that means I can leave earlier thanks

Justin frowned. It was impossible to make this girl happy.

-Uhm okay....let's get started

They worked on their project for about a good 30 mins and it was finished.


-Alright bring it too school tomorrow.

Jenna got up and walked towards the door

-No wait!

She turned around


-I haven't showed u around my house

-I've seen enough of it

-For real, I'm not doing this for my lisence I promise.

Jenna rolled her eyes. Obviously he was lying.


He Showed her his house. Jenna didn't care and she tried to make that as obvious as she could.

-Are u done?

-Nope one last place u haven't seen yet, the backyard

He took her to his backyard. Jenna's jaw dropped. It was beautiful. With a small waterfall, a patio, better than what u see in movies.

-Sit down

She took a seat in a chair and Justin sat beside her

-Nice backyard or what?

-It's beautiful holy

-Yeah, sometimes, I sit here by myself wishing I could have a girl i could share it with.

Jenna looked into his eyes. She was almost speechless. They both stare into one another's eyes until Jenna broke the ice.

-uhm I have to go sorry

She ran out of the house. As she walked home Jenna felt some type of way. She had butterflies in her stomach. Do I like him? His eyes are so beautiful. No no no snap out of it Jenna! You hate him! He's a douchebag! All those thoughts circled her mind

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