Bad Boy Justin Bieber is the most popular kid and the biggest player in school. Everyone kisses the land he walks on. But will everything change after Ryan's big party? Will Jenna spill his secret to the whole school?
Let's start reading to find out;)


3. "The big party"?

Jenna stood at her locker the next morning scrolling through twitter on her phone while waiting for Katie. "Ugh school is soo boring Katie hurry up" she tweeted. Just then Justin and his friend Ryan came to his locker and where talking about a party.

-Dude I am telling you, this party is gonna be fuckin legendary. Imagine all the wasted chicks we can fuck

Ryan seemed to be talking about some stupid party. As if Jenna cared. She just wanna Justin and his dick of a friend Ryan nowhere near her.

-Bro we're gonna get fuckin wasted ourselves this is so gonna be legendary I can't even wait to see how many chicks I'll get

-I know man and the best part is everyone's Invited even if I dunno them. The more the merrier

-Hell ya no parents I can't even fuckin wait Friday is gonna be sick

They walked away and Jenna was surprised "everyone invited"? When does that ever happen. Normally Justin and his crew only invite cheerleaders and dumb jocks to there partys.

-Hey Jen I am sososososo sorry my mom was taking forever to get ready for work

-it's okay. What class do u have next?

-Ugh math. You?

-English. With the fuckin bastard

-Justin? aw poor Jen. He's actually a faggot like he's so fuckin rude. I don't even know why I liked him

-Yeah, me neither and the rest of the damn school

Jenna rolled her eyes and walked away going In her next class

-See ya at lunch!!!

-alright cya!

-Alright class we are gonna do 20 mins of silent reading and then I'll hand out your assignments

-Um ms kotes can I go to the bathroom?

-Justin you could have gone before class

-Well I'm sorry I don't have a fuckin pissing schedule



-you may go

Jenna eyed justin getting up from his seat and walking out of class. He winked at Ryan and Jenna knew something was up.


Everyone was confused and shocked, why was Justin on the P.A system? He just made announcement that went through the whole school. Heads turned when Justin came back to class.

-Justin what in the world was that? Did the principal let you go into his office and use the p.a system?

-Nope I snuck in

That's when the principal walked in. & he sure didn't look happy

-Justin. My office. Now.

Lunch came along and Jenna waited at her locker for Katie. As usual, Justin and his friends where talkin about dumb shit Jenna didn't give a fuck about, but she had no choice but to listen

-yo Justin I heard your announcement did the principal yell?

-Bro the old hag just told me not to do it again

The guys started laughing and headed towards the cafeteria when Katie finally showed up as they also made they're way to the cafeteria.

The girls sat down at a table far from Justin. Jenna notice Katie staring at his table

-Kate, why are you staring? still don't like him do you?

-Of course not! He humiliated me in front of the whole school. I'd be a dumbass to still like him.


-Did you hear his announcement about some party tho? Everyone's invited...

-yeah I heard he was in my class at the time. The dick asked to go to the bathroom.

-woww he's probably just gonna treat the "losers" as servants

-no shit

They both laughed

-oh Jen! I've been meaning to tell you, I won't be here tomorrow or the next couple of weeks. I'm going on vacay with the fam!

-Seriously? That's awesome!

Just then something unexpected happened. Justin walked up to there table with his tray and started talking

-Oh hey aren't you that girl Katie? Look I just wanted to say I'm sorry about yesterday

Jenna's mouth fell wide open

-R-really? It's o-okay I guess

-HAHA I'm just kidding, throw out my fuckin trash

He threw his tray at Katie spilling pop and spaghetti all over her and started walking back to his table laughing

-Holy fuck Kate who does he think he is talking to my best friend like that?!? I need to go teach him a lesson

-No wait Jen!

Jenna completely ignored Katie and walked over to Justins table

-Hey Justin, who the fuck do you think you are doing that to my best friend?

-hey guys look the best friend is here to teach me a lesson

-Grow the fuck up Justin, and don't you fuckin dare say a word to her ever again, you hear me?

-ouu fiesty kill em

Ryan's comment wasn't nessicary and did nothing other then piss Jenna off even more.

-And what if I do?

-than watch what I do to you

With that, Jenna was quick to walk back to her table grabbing Katie's arm and walking out of the cafeteria. After Katie was cleaned up her and Jenna stood in the bathroom talking.

-Look Jen, thanks so much for sticking up for me, I couldn't have asked for a better bestfriend. But you didn't need to do that...I'm outta here tomorrow anyway for vacay

-Kate not just for you, but he needs to learn his lesson. The amount of people he's bullied is crazy. He's the biggest player and the biggest jerk. I don't get why he has friends

They both hugged and the day eventually ended.

When Jenna got home she saw her mom on the couch watching tv

-hey mom, your home today?

-yeah I wasn't feeling too well

-that's terrible

-yeah..I can still make you dinner if you like sweetie

-Don't worry mom I'm full, I think I'll just go to my room. Call if you need anything okay?

-What, no homework today?

-thankfully, no

-any plans?

-no..I guess not for a while Katie and her family are going on vacation first thing tomorrow morning, and they won't be back for the next few weeks

-Jenna please make more friends other than Katie. I just hate seeing you so bored at home

-Mom please, I'm not always at home

-yes you are

-well not this Friday

-what's Friday?

-I'm going to a party....

-That's great sweetie!! I'm glad

Jenna ran to her room. Her stomach started feeling weird. Why did she just say that? There was no way she was going to Justins and Ryan's party. Not after today. And definelty not after her and her best friend agreed it was a gay party & none of them wanted to go too..

Thank you guys for reading! This isn't my fav party of the story and I'm really excited to continue to writing, the story just gets a lot better! In fact I have the next chapter done. But I don't wanna publish it right away, so please comment cuz I've still gotten none:( and I'll publish the next chapter as soon as I see one! Thank you soosososos much for reading. Much love<3 xoxox

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