Bad Boy Justin Bieber is the most popular kid and the biggest player in school. Everyone kisses the land he walks on. But will everything change after Ryan's big party? Will Jenna spill his secret to the whole school?
Let's start reading to find out;)


2. Douchebag Much?

just so you guys know I have updated chapter 1 so if you only read the first part please go read the first chapter fully unless you wanna be lost:P

-Mooommm I'm home

-Hey sweetie your dinner is in the fridge heat up when your hungry k? Text me if you need anything

-Okay bye love you

Jenna hated having a single mother who's job required her to be outta the house most of the time. But she also felt bad for her. Jenna's father passed away when she was 2 months so she didn't really remember a thing about him. She grabbed her phone and sat down on the couch. "Hey" she texted Katie. Her and Katie never talked after Katie left the cafateria upset, Jenna tried going after her but lost her. *Bling* she checked her phone too see a text from Katie. "Hey..I'm sorry I walked out on u" "it's k Kate. Don't mind what he says. The faggot isn't worth our time anyway" Jenna pressed send and hoped her best friend was feeling better. After today, she just hated Justin 100 times more and she was sure Katie did too.

*ringggg* Jenna woke up to the sound of her phone ringing and realized she had fallen asleep on the couch. It was Katie

-Hey Kate!

-Hey i tried texting you back but no answer..

-oh sorry I kinda dozed off

-it's okay...

-Look I'm sorry about today, I feel like it's my fault I shouldn't have told you to make a move

-nah it's okay I'm over it. He's a Fucking Douchebag and I'm glad I can finally believe you with that

-I'm glad!

Jenna heard the door open

-Hey Kate I gotta go moms home I'll call you back

They hung up the phone.

-Hey sweetie why aren't you in your room? I expected you to be in bed

-actually I kinda dozed off on the couch. I Just woke up from Katie's call.

-have you had dinner?


-come eat it now then don't go to bed hungry I'll get dinner ready

-okay thanks mom

Yummy lasagna was for dinner how could Jenna say no to that? She pulled out a chair for herself and for her mom.

-So how was school today?

-it was good

-Who'd you have lunch with?


-Any cute boys I should know about?

Jenna's mom shot her a wink

-mooommm not right now please

-oh c'mon sweetie it would be cute if you got a boyfriend! I mean why don't you party like regular teenagers? Sitting at home is no fun

-mom, you've got to be kidding me?!

-sorry hun, guess I got a little carried away I just want you to make more friends.

-mom don't worry, I'll make plenty of friends.

Jenna smiled at her mom and helped cleared the table and went to bed.

Andd this was the end of chapter 2. I know it was short but it's 1:42am and I'm like really sleepy but i wrote this anyway. I'll make the next one longer I promise<3 pleas please comment & become a fan! Thank you! Bye!:)

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