Bad Boy Justin Bieber is the most popular kid and the biggest player in school. Everyone kisses the land he walks on. But will everything change after Ryan's big party? Will Jenna spill his secret to the whole school?
Let's start reading to find out;)


7. Chapter 6

The next morning Jenna woke up and got ready for school and went downstairs to the smell of eggs and bacon.

-Morning sweetie! Here have some breakfast

-Mom your home? Shouldn't you be at work?

-Nope. My boss gave me the day off. We are having a mother daughter day today

-Really? We haven't had one of those since I was like 7

Jenna was slightly confused why her mom decided to randomly choose today as "mother daughter day"

-I know I know. It's just I'm always at work and your always at school we barley ever see each other. We need a whole day together sweetie. I miss you

-aw mom, I miss you too. So I'll see you after school for this mother daughter day. Love you!

-No no! Jenna your aren't going to school. If I can get a day off of work I'm pretty sure you should get one off school. Plus your gonna be tired after school!

Wait what? Did her mom just offer her a day off school? Jenna's face lit up with happiness

-Seriously? Sounds good! This is going to be so mu- I mean, I can't stay home today!

Jenna remembered mid sentence about the phone call she had with Justin last night. Today was one of the only days she felt confident going to school. She had Justin Drew Bieber's secret and no one else did. She wanted to face Justin today. She wanted to give him evil smiles. She knew he was intimated by her. Today was supposed to be a good day.

-Why not?

-mom I'm sooo sorry. I just remembered I have this huge English test coming up. And if I miss it I'll get 20% taken off.

Jenna felt like shit lying to her mom. But there was no way she was about to tell her mom the truth.

-That's okay just tell me the teachers name and I'll give her a call and explain everything to her

-No! I mean...she said she wouldn't be accepting phone calls either.

-oh alright, if you say so. Good luck on your test

Jenna saw the frown on her moms face. Her mom looked heartbroken and she felt extremely guilty about it. She couldn't just leave the house with her mom looking that upset.

-Aww mom turn that frown upside down! We'll start this day as soon as I'm home from school. And if we don't have enough time, we'll continue it on the weekend if your not working.


-yes mom. I promise

-Alright! Goodluck on that test! You'll do amazing! Cya after school

-Thanks mom! Love ya!

Jenna walked into school and went to her locker. She wasn't so confident anymore. She just felt like the shy/quiet/annoyed girl. She was getting her books from her locker when Justin and Ryan showed up at Justins locker.

-Yo Jenna, did you do last nights English homework?

Jenna turned to Ryan, who of course just wanted to copy her homework. She was about to tell him that she'd never let a jerk like him copy her homework even though she didn't even do it. Then she thought of a better answer and smirked.

-No..I didn't do the homework. I was busy with a phone call...Do you know anyone with the name of Les-nevermind. I'll just ask someone else. Cya in English.

With that Jenna strolled off with a huge smile on her face. Meanwhile Ryan was standing there confused as fuck.

-Dude, what the fuck was that about? That girl barley talks

-That's what I've been meaning to tell you...she was about to say my name..she called me last night.

-Wait, so she has the lisence?

-yeah....and she said if do anything to ruin her life or some shit she'll tell everyone..

-Fuck man..she got you good

-I know. What do I do?

-Look for the lisence simple. She's obviously hiding it somewhere.

-Like her locker?


That's when Justin thought of an idea.

-Go call the janitor and tell him to bring that thing he uses to break locks when students forget there Locker combo.

Ryan new exactly what Justin wanted to do and ran to the janitors office. Justin made sure Jenna was no where around her locker. Finally he saw Ryan and the Janitor coming his way.

-Hey Mr. Grey. I forgot my lock combination. Could you break open the lock please?

The janitor frowned. He never seemed to look happy.

-ugh what's with you kids and forgetting lock combos these days. Seriously it's not hard to remember 3 numbers

-yes and I'm very sorry it won't happen again..

with that the janitor broke the lock and the locker opened up. He was about to walk away when he noticed how girly it was and it had pictures of Katie and Jenna. Justin noticed the janitor was noticing the girlyness.

-Um, those 2 girls are my sisters..

-Nice purse dude

-Ryan, a guy can have a purse too.

The janitor gave both guys a dirty look and walked away.

They went through everything in Jenna's locker, her purse, backpack, lunch bag, wallet. His lisence wasn't in there.

-Justin there's no way she has the lisence at school..she had no pockets in her clothing either today.

-I know man...I'll just have too think of something. She Dosent understand who's she messing with


The bell rang and before Jenna could get to her locker they both ran to her class

-Alright class! The end of the year is almost here and it's time for the biggest project. But for this project I'm letting you work in partners, and this is not an in class project. You guys must finish this out side of school on your own time. This project is worth 30% of your mark each. There will be different sides of the work you and your partner will have to do so the whole "I did all the work and my partner did nothing" won't work. Everyone got it?


The whole class said. Jenna was mad. The last thing she wanted was a project where you had to choose a partner. She had no friends in her English class.

-Alright great! Now choose your partners and come write the name of you and your partner in my book so I know who your working with!

People turned to one another. Jenna knew Justin would soon turn around and ask Ryan to be his partner. that's when Justin turned around and said


What the fuck? The whole class was in shock including Ryan.

-Alright! Justin and Jenna partners! I'll write it down in my book

-What the fuck Justin? I don't wanna be your partner

-Oops too late

-Yeah man I thought we are always partners

-Ryan, calm down. I want a knew partner this time

-Justin your only doing this because you know what I have on you. And just so you fucking know, you'll never find it. Oh and sorry to leave you diasspointed when you searched my locker Lesley.


Jenna sat there and laughed.

-Okay class enough talking, the first part of this project is do tomorrow. And if I don't get it tomorrow you both automatically get a 0. The first part isn't hard. All you have to do is basically interview your partner about there life. I suggest you all get together with your partner every night after school and work on this a little bit instead of doing it all last minute.

Justin turned around to face Jenna.

-My place tonight or yours?

-Excuse me?

-You heard ms Kotes. First part is due tomorrow. I'm not gonna fail. We need to work on this project.

-Look Justin, I don't know what your trying to do but I'm not gonna be your side bitch. I'm not one of those girls who drool over you. And if this is about the lisence, stop trying cuz I won't give it to you.

-Stop being such a bitch. This has nothing to do with any of That. All I asked was my place or yours.

Jenna sat there with her arms folded across her chest leaning back in her chair still confused

-Mine I guess

-atta girl

-don't call me that

When the school day ended Jenna started walking home with Justin. The walk was silent until Jenna's phone starting ringing.

-it's my mom. Keep walking and dont say a word.

Justin listened and let Jenna answer her phone

-Hey mom. Oh ya I'm just walking home from school. Oh no I totally forgot! We can't anymore cuz I have to work on a huge project with my partner I'm so sorry mom. Alright we'll be Home soon. Love you

-What was that about?

-Mind your own fucking business

Justin was quiet after that. Jenna's mom had called and once again the mother daughter day had been called. She felt pretty bad but this was Justins fault. Finally they reached Jenna's house.

-Jenna your home!

Justin shook her moms hand

-Hi I'm Justin

-you sure bout that

Jenna mumbled under her breath. Justin and Jenna's mom gave Jenna and odd look and jenna obviously noticed.

-Uhm....well we better get started right Justin?


-Goodluck guys! If you need anything let me know!

Jenna wanted to jump off a bridge at this point. The guy she hated most was inside of her room about to do start a project with her. God knew how long this was going to take. As for Justin, he felt the same way as Jenna. He hated Jenna. The only reason he asked to be her partner was because he needed to look for the licence, and now was his chance.

Thank you for reading💞 Please comment if you want me to continue writing. Im not one of those people who get over 60k likes and comments, nor am I the best writer. So I'm sorry if my writing has errors, I try my best. Much love💞

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