story of my life

this is about me and my life hope you enjoy! {this is not real this is about a girl named Emma}


2. dear diary pt.2

Dear diary,

they call school. Other girls are lucky to be able to go to another school. I would at least go to a school on online. Oh today Niall wouldn't stop staring at me in math class :/. Huh wired. He stared straight into my eyes and I stared into his. Somebody pinch me! Cause this has to be a dream! But somebody took that away from me. Other known as Rose Well she saw me and Niall staring at each other. So being that snooty nose brat. She looked at me with those devil eyes and kissed him their right on the spot. And also my other best friend saw me cry a bit. So he just kissed me. When we finished I made a smirk at Rose. But next he asked me out. Oh just in case you didn't know his name. His name is Liam. I am so happy right now. But when I looked into Niall's eyes all I saw was anger and sadness. was he angry at Liam for asking me out? But why did I see sadness? Of course wouldn't be mad at Liam for asking me out? Of course he wouldn't he doesn't even like me! I am way too ugly for a cutie like that! Oops I should stop writing this before Liam finds it!


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