My bestfriends cousins

What happens when Abigail (Abby for short) meets a handsome boy at her best friend's birthday party? Will it last or just be a one time thing? Read to find out


7. what did you do?!

Sara's provo)

I see Abby come out of the dining room crying. I walk over to her and take her to my room.

I ask her whats wrong and she says nothing. I know some thing is wrong, but before  i get to ask again she walks out. I go looking for here and i can't find her. so i go into the dining room.

S "I just saw my best friend come out crying and she won't tell me why!"

He just sits there quite.

S "What did you do to her! You better tell me!"

L "I don't know myself."

S "What! How could you not know? What did you say to her last before she got sad? There are only two reasons."

L " I asked her where she learned how to fight. What is so wrong with that?"

S "Oh no you didn't."

L "I didn't what?"

S "She learned from her brother."

L "And why is that bad?"

S her brother died. He was the only one there for her."

L "What about her parents?"

S "They abused her. And died a year after her brother."

L "Oh I'm so sorry. I wouldn't said anything if I have known."

S "Ok well just go have fun and get drunk but not to much and sorry for getting so mad at you"

L "Ok and it's fine."

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