My bestfriends cousins

What happens when Abigail (Abby for short) meets a handsome boy at her best friend's birthday party? Will it last or just be a one time thing? Read to find out


20. monday morning

(Abby's pov)


*beep beep beep*

The annoying sound of my alarm clock just keeps on going. I hit the snooze button and try to go back to sleep. But then I remember I have to go to school. Yay! ( note the sarcasm )


I get up and pick out my outfit for today. I pick black skinny jeans and a shirt with a wolf head wearing nerd glasses. I lay the outfit in the bathroom. I turned the water on and striped down and got in. It felt so good to have the hot water run down my body. I washed up and got out. I put my clothes on and went to go get my stuff to go to collage. I got into my car and left.

I entered the big doors that belong to my school. As I enter I hear talk that's there's a new kid and he is supposedly hot. I don't really care. I see Sara and the rest if the gang. I walk up behind Sara and hug her she screams.

S Ahhh!! What the hell!

We were all laughing. Until Sara got mad and walked away.

I ran after her and graded her and brought her back. She was hitting me the whole time. And screaming let go. We looked like freaks but we didn't care. We do this all the time. I finally put her down.

A I'm sorry i said laughing.

S see this is not what I like!You make every thing into a joke!

Ok now she was mad.

A ok I'm am sorry. I will try to stop. I just want you to be happy. Do you forgive me?

S yes I guess.

Yay I say and hug her.

Then Czarina starts to talk.

C hey have you heard there is a new kid and supposedly he's hot.

A yeah. But who cares.

Then I hear a deep voice say "I care"

I turned around and there was the new kid. The new kid is........

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