It'll all get better.....soon

*SEQUAL TO EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE...* Kayleigh has been shot by here adoptive father just after Zayn gets hit by a car. Will they both survive? Will Avalon have parents growing up? Fans arrive at the hospital soon enough to cause stress on everyone.


7. Tour Startes Again


Zayn's P.O.V


          I woke up with Kayleigh still asleep next to me. I got up took a shower and got dressed. I checked on Avalon still asleep. Someone knocked on the door but I wasn't expecting anyone... I think?



"Hello Zayn sorry for the late notice but the boys are on the bus"

"The bus what?"

"We got a much much bigger tour bus for you guys so you can take your wife and child"

"Thanks but wh...OOH MY GOD I FORGOT WE GO BACK ON TOUR TODAY! Ok give me an hour or 30 minutes I have to wake Kayleigh up and we have to pack." Simon nodded as I let him in and darted up stairs into my and Kayleigh's room.

"Kayleigh babe. Wake up we have to pack I forgot we go back on tour today we have a bigger bus so you and Avalon and come Hurry!" Kayleigh shot out of bed into the shower. I ran quietly into Avalon's room with a suit case and put literally ALL her clothes in. They we so small they all fit in. I ran downstairs and put that one near the door and Paul took it to the bus.

          I ran into the room and Kayleigh handed me a medium sized back "This has Avalon's, yours, and my bathroom stuff," I nodded and set it on the bed quickly folding and putting my clothes into two suitcase while Kayleigh did the same. After an hour we were getting on the bus with Avalon still sleeping in Kayleigh's arms.

"Looks like someone forgot" Harry smiled coming in from the back of the bus.

"What kind of bus?! This is like double the size of the other one!" Kayleigh tried to be quiet.

"I know because we have double the people" Harry said as if it was obvious. Harry led us to the first door on the right. "This is like a little bunk nursery for all the kids" There were 8 little bunks with child guards on them for at night when they sleep they don't roll out. Ileene and Darcy were already sleeping in theirs when Kayleigh put Avalon quietly in hers.

          Harry showed us the girl and boy "dressing room" they looked the same as the other bus, the bunk room for everyone, mini kitchen, two bathrooms girl and boy one, then back into the "living room" part.

"Doesn't seem that bad I could live here between hotels" Kayleigh said sitting on the couch next to me as I put my arm around her. 

Kayleigh's P.O.V


          An hour later we were on our way to the airport to go to America. I was so excited I haven't been to America since me and met, but it's also where I have bad memories.

          We got on the plane and we were flying to New York in a regular plane we decided to see what its like to not fly in a privet jet. We sat down with Avalon was going to be between me and Zayn but she wanted to be at window seat so we sit like this.

Isle seat: Zayn

Middle seat: Kayleigh

Window seat: Avalon

          As soon as we sat down two girls looked like sisters came up to Zayn asking for a picture. The flight attendant told everyone to stop coming to any band member or who they're with for the rest of the flight as soon as we took off.


Sorry this chapters bad I kinda just did this as a fill chapter.

I didn't get any comments so I went ahead and published another Movella.

It's called Liam's Girl.

Check it out and let me know what you think so far!


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