It'll all get better.....soon

*SEQUAL TO EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE...* Kayleigh has been shot by here adoptive father just after Zayn gets hit by a car. Will they both survive? Will Avalon have parents growing up? Fans arrive at the hospital soon enough to cause stress on everyone.


9. Surprise Surprise

Kayleigh's P.O.V


          I woke up and Zayn was making Avalon some breakfast.

"Morning baby girl" I kissed Avalon on the cheek and walked to Zayn. "Morning" Zayn gave me a quick kiss.


"I'm going to go talk to Liam real quick" I grabbed the hotel room key slipped on my uggs with my sweat pants and left to Liam's hotel room. I knocked lightly on the door.

"KAYLEIGH!!" Liam opened the door pulling me into a hug. I laughed as he let go closing the door.

"What's up little sis?"

"Where's Julie?"

"With Maddie and Cat"


"C'mon Kay why'd you come. I can tell you look stressed what wrong?"

I sighed "Please don't tell anyone yet especially Zayn"

Liam's P.O.V

          "Please don't tell anyone yet especially Zayn" Kayleigh looked up at me her deep blue eyes staring at me.

"Kayleigh I won't tell is it bad?" I went and sat down next to her.

"Well it's good but I'm scared"

"What is it why are you scared?"

"I'm scared of having my heart broken again Liam, I'm.........Pregnant" Kayleigh looked up at me I smiled and hugged her.

"How far along are you?"

"Almost a month"

"You need to at least tell Zayn soon you'll start showing" I took Kayleigh's hand and stood up.

"Liam I know you're my older brother, you know what's best for me, and you look out for me and all but please I can't tell him yet what if I lose the baby again?!" Kayleigh started to try and tug on my arm to not leave the room but I was stronger than her.

I sighed and stopped turned around and put my hands on her shoulders "Kayleigh you have to tell Zayn right now he will be extremely hurt when he finds out you're pregnant. I'm sure hurting him is worse than losing the baby to you." Kayleigh stopped to think.

"Fine I'll tell him" I let go of Kayleigh's shoulders as she walked out of the room. 

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