It'll all get better.....soon

*SEQUAL TO EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE...* Kayleigh has been shot by here adoptive father just after Zayn gets hit by a car. Will they both survive? Will Avalon have parents growing up? Fans arrive at the hospital soon enough to cause stress on everyone.


1. Hospital

Liam's P.O.V

"She had surgery done on her chest area because we had to remove the bullet and she needed stitches in her left lung when the bullet missed her heart it got a bit of her lung so the needed stitches. Zayn well I'm not so sure about him he's in a coma right leg casted a broken rib and lost a lot of blood we have enough for him but he might not survive it's a 50 50 chance he'll make it" the doctor told me before heading of I told everyone and started pacing the waiting around.

"Uncle Lium when will I get to see mummy and daddy?" Avalon swung her feet on her chair clueless of what was happening" I picked her up sat down and placed her on my lap.

"I don't know Ava" I sighed and shook my head and she laid her head on my chest sighing and falling asleep

"Liam babe calm down she'll be ok," Julie rubbed my back. I smiled at her and kissed her real quick.

The doctor walked in "Mr. Payne?" I stood up and walked over to him. "You can see Mrs. Malik your sister now and her daughter may see her to shes awake now Mr. Malik unfortunate is in a coma he should wake up about tomorrow" I nodded my head smiled then frowned.

"Thank you," I turned around " Avalon lets got see mummy." Avalon smiled and ran over to me and grabbed my hand.

Sorry it's short tell me what you think so far!


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