It'll all get better.....soon

*SEQUAL TO EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE...* Kayleigh has been shot by here adoptive father just after Zayn gets hit by a car. Will they both survive? Will Avalon have parents growing up? Fans arrive at the hospital soon enough to cause stress on everyone.


5. Home Sweet Home

Zayn's P.O.V

          I woke up and everyone was talking I looked at Kayleigh who was still asleep in my arms. I sat up slowly due to the pain in my ribcage.

"Daddy!" Avalon jumped on the bed and I held her close in my lap.

"Kayleigh woke up not to long ago and told us everything from last, then was to tired still to stay awake so she went back to sleep, we're glad your back" Cat smiled at me holding Darcy feeding her a bottle. I smiled "I'm glad to be back to." Everyone got up and gave me a hug.


          Around 3 o' clock I was able to leave. I had one crutch to use since I was in the hospital for 4 days and didn't put any pressure on my leg I only needed one crutch. I  pulled Kayleigh closer to me by her waist as soon as I saw all the fans outside the hospital.

          We half way through the crowd when I heard Avalon do a tiny little scream of pain. I immediately looked down and say her arm bleeding. Kayleigh quickly whipped her head to the fans to glare at them. Then she moved Avalon to her other hip closer to me.

          As we got into the van Kayleigh sat Avalon facing her on her lap looking at her arm.

"I'll clean it up when we get home okay Ava?" Avalon nodded wiping away a tear.

          I came into the bathroom after changing into sweats to help Kayleigh with Avalon. I got a sanitary wipe and cleaned her arm off and Kayleigh put a Band-Aid over the cuts. Kayleigh lifted Avalon of the counter onto the floor and she ran away to her playroom. I laughed and turned to Kayleigh.

"Why are you still short?" I laughed looking down at her height was about up to my nose.

"Why do you always ask" she smiled rolling her eyes.

"Because I think I'm getting back problems from having to bend down to kiss you" I pretended to rub my back from pain.

"Well my toes are starting to hurt from standing on them to kiss YOU" she pretended to pout sticking out her bottom lip.

I sighed "That sucks cause I wanted to kiss you oh well" I turned around and Kayleigh turned me back around wrapping her arms around my neck standing on her toes.

"I think my toes can deal with the pain a little longer" I laughed bending a little more down to kiss her. She jumped up on the counter wrapping her legs around my waist.

           My phone started to ring I groaned breaking the kiss. "What now Niall?"

"Sorry I interrupted whatever you two where just doing but I need you to come to the hospital!"

"Why what happened?!"

"Just hurry up!"

          I hung up "Get Avalon ready I'll start the car Niall called me we need to hurry back to the hospital he said" Kayleigh nodded and hurried down the hall to Avalon's play room while I tried my best to hurry down the stairs to the car.

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