Two Worlds One Fate

This is before One Direction became a band, it is based in London, (I know Niall is from Ireland but it was the best idea for it), it is senior year. Please read and comment! This is my first fan fiction!


4. Chapter 4

Abbey’s POV

Thinking to herself as she goes up on stage “Ok Abbey, remember give it all you got and it will go great! Stay cool!” –Abbey

It was time for Abbey to give her performance, and she aced it! She gave it all she got and everyone was amazed! All of her friends were shocked that she had that kind of a voice! Niall knew she could do it, and absolutely loved her voice!

Niall’s POV

“Abbey you did absolutely amazing!” –Niall said while running up to her and hugging her.

“Thank you! Oh my gosh I was so nervous!” –Abbey

“You didn’t look nervous at all!” –Kaylee said while everyone literally tackled her giving her hugs.

“Ok guys give her some breathing room!” –Niall said while laughing

“We need to go and sit down, so that we can find out who gets called next.” –Zayn

Everyone got their turn to audition and now it was about time to go home.

“Thank you for everyone that came today and auditioned, you all did fantastic and I think this year is going to be great year! I will have to cast list up on Monday so thank you once again and I will see you at rehearsals next 2 weeks from Tuesday!” –the director named Mrs. Jones announced

When everyone left the building, Abbey was about to leave when Niall came up to talk to her.

Niall’s POV

 “Hey do you need a ride home? Because I can give you a ride.” –Niall

“Well it looks like the girls kind of left me here, so yeah I could probably use a ride.” –Abbey

So Niall and Abbey walked over to Niall’s Black Range Rover, and Niall being the gentleman opened the door for Abbey, and walked to the other side to get in and they drove off.


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