Two Worlds One Fate

This is before One Direction became a band, it is based in London, (I know Niall is from Ireland but it was the best idea for it), it is senior year. Please read and comment! This is my first fan fiction!


16. Chapter 16

Niall and Abbey walked up to the front door hand in hand.

Niall’s POV

“Mom, I’m home!” – Abbey yelled

“I’m in the kitchen, Abbey.”- Abbey’s mom hollered back

“I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me; my dad is in the living room probably watching football.” –Abbey said while hugging me

Thinking to myself – “Ok don’t make a fool out of yourself, you got this.”

I walked into the living room to find Abbey’s dad and her brother Luke in the living room. Luke was playing with his top thing. And Abbey’s Dad was watching football

“Niall!” –Luke said running up to me

“Hey buddy how have you been?” – I asked

“I’m good; it has been a while since I have seen you!” –Luke

“I know, it has been awhile.” –I said

As I was talking to Luke Abbey’s Dad walked up to me.

“Hello, sir how have you been?” –I asked politely

“I’m doing good Niall, and you don’t have to call me sir, just call me Dustin. And how have you been?”

–Abbey’s dad replied.

“I’m doing good Dustin, so who is playing tonight?” –I asked

“Derby County and Doncaster. Who do you favor out of the two?” –Dustin asked

“Definitely Derby!” –I asked excitedly

“Same here, so why do you like that team so much?” –Dustin

“My family has always watched Derby.” –I said

“Well they are doing great this year, why don’t you come and watch the game.” –Dustin

“Certainly sir, oh I mean Dustin.” –Niall

While Dustin and Niall were watching the game Abbey and her mom Jennifer were in the kitchen making dinner.

Abbey’s POV

“So how are Niall and your dad getting along?” –Jennifer asked

I leaned over to see; right when I did they started cheering really loud.

“I think they are having a blast.” –I said

“So are you happy that we moved here now?” –Jennifer asked

“I was happy the whole time, it was just hard to have to say goodbye to my friends. But hey we are always texting, but trying to get used to the time changes.” –Abbey

“That’s good honey, when dinner is done I think we might just sit in the living room to watch the game.” –Jennifer

“Yeah I think that is a good idea.” –Abbey

Dinner was finished and we brought it to Dad and Niall in the living room.

“Abbey, I like this boy. He knows his teams!” –Dustin said excitedly.

“Oh really, and which team would that be?” –I asked

“Derby County all the way!” –Niall hollered

“I knew that!” I said laughing

We all got seated in the living room and had dinner while watching the game, and Derby won! When we were finished with dinner we got it all cleaned up.

“Hey mom we are going to be in my room playing video games, holler if you need us.” –I hollered

“Ok honey.” –Jennifer

“Come on Niall follow me!” –I said while grabbing his hand and started to go upstairs.

“For warning you’re going to lose.” –Niall

“Oh you wish, no one has ever beaten me!” –I said laughing

“Oh we will see then.” –Niall

We got up to my room and started the video games.

“You’re so lucky that you can have your own TV and X-box in your room.” –Niall

“Well I love playing video games, and my mom gets frustrated with the noise so they said I could have it in my room.” –I said

“That’s cool. That will probably happen to me too, because I literally play anytime I don’t have something to do.” –Niall

“Same here! Anyways let’s get started because you are going to lose.” – I said

“In your dreams, let’s make a bet whoever loses has to buy the winner ice cream.” –Niall

“Deal!” – I said while shaking his hand.

Niall’s POV

The game was intense we were going at it, and in the end I won.

“Oh it looks like I won! I told you I never lose.” –I said

“Yeah whatever, you were an actual challenge this time, my brother is terrible at this game.” – Abbey said

“Oh well, you know what this means.” – I said

“Yeah, yeah I have to buy to ice cream.” –Abbey

“Then let’s go!” –I said

“Right now really.” –Abbey said

“Yeah I know the perfect ice cream parlor shop we can go to, and I can drive.” –I said

“Fine lets go then, but after I really have to get home and go to bed I have a tournament tomorrow out of town and so do you!” –Abbey

“Deal!” –I said and we ran downstairs.

“Hey mom Niall and I are going to get some ice cream, be back soon.” –Abbey

“Ok have fun, but please make it quick, you have a big tournament tomorrow in Nottingham tomorrow.” –Jennifer

“I know mom, we will be quick.” –Abbey

We got into the car and drove off. And when we got our ice cream we started talking.

Abbeys’ POV

“Seems like your family takes sports seriously.” –Niall

“Yeah, all of us do sports, my mom was a star volleyball player in highschool, my dad played American football, wrestling, and I think golf or baseball also. I play tennis of course, cheer, and gymnastics, Elizabeth does cheer and dance, and Luke does basketball, and tennis.” –I said

“Wow you guys do a lot.” –Niall

“Yeah it is fun, and keeps me busy, this year is crazy I have musical, tennis, cheer, and gymnastics practices that I do each week. For this semester, next semester is kind of easier I will only have gymnastics and cheer. Monday through Friday is cheer, musical, and tennis. And Saturdays when I don’t have tournaments and Sunday I have gymnastics.” – I said

“That is crazy how do you do it all?” – Niall

“Well like tonight when I have a tournament the next day for tennis we don’t have practice so we don’t risk anyone getting hurt the day before, and so I don’t go to tennis, so I just go to cheer and musical.” – I said

“Yeah, I wish I could make it to your game.” –Niall

“Same here, where are you going tomorrow?” – I asked

“We are going to Bristol.” –Niall

“Cool, well when we aren’t doing anything or on the bus we can always text each other.” – I said

“Yeah that could work; hey I better get you home so that we can both get some sleep before tomorrow.” –Niall

“Yeah that would be a good idea.” –I said laughing


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