Two Worlds One Fate

This is before One Direction became a band, it is based in London, (I know Niall is from Ireland but it was the best idea for it), it is senior year. Please read and comment! This is my first fan fiction!


11. Chapter 11

It was Monday and you know what that means! It was the big football match. Abbey and the girls would be cheering, and wearing their jerseys for the lads.

Abbey’s POV

“Ready girls! And 5-6-7-8!” –Abbey yelled

The music began and they started their routine that they had been practicing for weeks! Their stunts were phenomenal! They didn’t have any mistakes!

“Let’s go London!” –The cheer squad cheered

The Announcer came on the speakers and they started to announce the team.

“Seniors, Number 11 Harry Styles, number 14 Niall Horan, number 21 Louis Tomlinson, number 32 Zayn Malik, and number 36 Liam Payne!” –The announcer roared over the speakers.

The crowd went wild! And the cheer leaders started to cheer for them.

“And now for the other team, Manchester!!!” –the announcer roared on the speaker.

The game went for a long time and London won!!! The cheer leaders were the first ones on the field to congratulate the football team.

“Congrats Niall! You did fantastic! Especially when you did that header into the net and scored that point!” –Abbey said excitedly

“Thanks! Hey you are wearing my jersey!” –Niall

“Oh yeah, do I look bad?” –Abbey

“No actually I like it.” –Niall replied

When Abbey and Niall were talking Kaylee came and interrupted.

“Hey sorry to interrupt you two, but the girls and I are going to get ice cream and celebrate how well we did during our routines want to come Abbey?” –Kaylee

“Sure, I guess I could use some ice cream, I will see you tomorrow at school Niall.” –Abbey

“Ok, see you tomorrow Abbey.” –Niall

Thinking to himself- This is going perfect! I need to hurry and get this set up and then text Kaylee when I am done!


Kaylee’s POV

The girls when to a cute little parlor shop and got some ice cream.

“You guys did fantastic! We have worked so hard and it went awesome!” –Abbey

“Here’s to have the best cheer captain” –Rachel said while raise her ice cream glass

“Cheers!” –the girls said and they tapped their glasses together.

The girls were chatting when Kaylee received a text from Niall.

“Oh hey guys I need to be getting home! Abbey do you need a ride?” –Kaylee

“Yeah if you don’t mind!” –Abbey

“Bye guys I will see you tomorrow at rehearsals.” –Abbey

“Bye Kaylee, bye Abbey.” –Eleanor, Perrie and Rachel said

Kaylee drove Abbey home real quick and she had to get leaving right away. But when Abbey got inside her house she found something.

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