The house in the woods

Brittany Mackenzie and one direction find a house in the woods but what will happen when there are vampires living there will they face all the dares and the truth and make it out alive or will they all choose to die...


5. truth or dare

Holly:Mackenzie truth or dare


Holly:is it true your cheating on niall with Louis

Mack:n no well it was just one kiss and it was by accident

Niall:Mackenzie seriously you kissed my best friend I can't beilieve you

Mack:niall please let me explain

Niall:no I heard enough were through

Mack:n niall please...

Mary:quiet humans

Mary:Liam truth or dare

Mary:I dare you to grab that piece of glass cut yourselve and make brittany drink the blood

Liam:what no!!

Bob:or you can die

Britt:Liam just do it please


As Liam walked over to the glass he grabbed it then cut his wrist and put his arm out so I could drink it as soon as I put my mouth on his arm I could taste the coppery taste in my mouth and I pulled away

Britt:that tasted terrible


Britt:it's ok you had to

Bob:harry truth or dare


Bob:is it true you absolutely couldn't stand brittany when you were first dating

Harry:y yes but then I fell truly madly deeply in love with her

Britt:aww really harry



When he screamed that we all huddled into a corner even niall was holding Mackenzie in his arms

Bob:aww are all the little weak humans scared

Rosie:quiet father brittany truth or dare


Rosie:I dare you to go in the bathroom lock the door and say Bloody Mary three times

Rosie smiled evilly then turned to her mom and whispered something in her ear then her mom disappeared

Britt:ill be right back I love you harry

Harry:I love you brittany

Then we kissed and I went into the bathroom and locked the door then said "bloody Mary,bloody Mary,bloody Mary" about a minute later nothing happened and I was about to walk out of the bathroom when I felt a sharp pain in my back I screamed then everything went black

Harrys pov

While we were waiting for Brittany we heard a scream and then everything went silent

Harry:what did you do to her!!!

I screamed as I ran towards the door and knocked it down then I saw...

A/N hehe cliffhanger tell me in the comments if you want me to update today or tomorrow

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