The house in the woods

Brittany Mackenzie and one direction find a house in the woods but what will happen when there are vampires living there will they face all the dares and the truth and make it out alive or will they all choose to die...


2. the house in the woods

Beep beep beep "ugh" I said as I pressed the snooze button on my alarm clock I got out of bed did my morning routine and then texted my friend Mackenzie

Britt:p -hey wanna go to the park with me and mabey the boys

Mack:) -sure

Britt:p -k Ill ask them bye

Mack:) -bye

(Conversation ends)

After I called Mackenzie I texted the boys to see if they wanted to come and they all said yes.

(At the park)

"Hey guys" I said as i saw everyone drawing with chalk I walked over to harry and saw what he was drawing he drew a heart that had a b and a h in it "aww your so sweet I love you harry" I said as I sat down and helped him color the heart in as I was drawing I saw Mackenzie and niall drawing a Oreo with m and n in it I smiled at how cute they were "so guys wanna take a walk in the woods mabey we could find a secret hide out" zayn said we all laughed and said sure about after five mins of walking we found an old creepy house as we were looking at it from the outside liam gasped we all looked at him he said "guys lets get out of here I think I just saw someone standing in that window" we all agreed and left.

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