The house in the woods

Brittany Mackenzie and one direction find a house in the woods but what will happen when there are vampires living there will they face all the dares and the truth and make it out alive or will they all choose to die...


7. everything's back to normal almost

A/N hey guys when ever I look at the comments I just want you to know it makes me smile oh and merry Christmas I got midnight memories and rollerblades so I was in my room all day screaming with the cd lol k here's the story

A ghost like she looked like a misty figure in the air she was behind the vampires she broke bobs neck then stabbed him in the heart then the vampires looked at her then us really angry

Holly:how dare you kill him

Britt:no how dare you kill me

Then she turned to Mary and disappeared about 5 minutes later Mary's had blood gushing out were her heart was

Holly:MUM NO!!!


Then Rosie and holly started crying

Britt:guys I feel weird

Harry:what do you mean Britt

Britt:I'll see you later bye guys


Britt:I'm sorry harry I have to go don't worry you will lead the group of how to kill Rosie and holly and lead them out of here stay strong I love you

Harry:what do you mean brittany please come back I can't do this without you

Britt:bye harry

Then brittany disappeared

Harry:come on guys let's go into a diffrent room and discuss our plan

Then we ran past the vampires and into a diffrent room

Harry:okay louis you distract them Liam when they run towards Louis to bite him you trip them with a long stick then zayn you flip one over and stab it in the heart and Mackenzie you do the same thing with the other one okay lets do this

Louis:hey holly and Rosie your so wimpy your vampires why are you crying (mocking crying sounds) you sound like babies

Holly:we're not wimpy your wimpy you stupid human

Then as holly and Rosie charged towards Louis Liam stuck a stick in front of them and they both fell with a thud then quickly zayn ran to holly and stabbed her and then Mackenzie stabbed Rosie

Mackenzie:w we did it

Harry:but what about Brittany she said she would see us later


Harry:Brittany y your alive!!

Brittany:y yea I am I missed you

Harry:I missed you to

Then me and harry ran and hugged each other then we all had a group hug after that we got out of the house and all ran home

Mack:hey guys


Mack:wanna go get some ice cream for our accomplishment


Then we all walked to the ice cream stand and ordered what we all wanted then as harry turned to us to tell us that he would pay he saw all of our mouths hanging open he gave us a confused look then turned around and saw bob,Mary,holly and Rosie smiling at us evilly we all screamed and everything went black

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