Justin's sister (one direction love story)

Nicole bieber is Justin bieber's sister. Niall Horan,Louis Tomlinson,Harry Styles,Zayn Malik,and Liam Payne,Carly Rae Jepsen,Ariana Grande,and Taylor Swift,Demi Lovoto,and Mariah Carey are Justin and Nicole 's friends. Nicole has a crush on Niall and Niall has a crush on Nicole but Justin doesn't know that all he thinks is that Niall will cheat on her. What do you think will happen ?By the way Justin's friends are famous.


14. Niall's Birthday

Nicole's pov: Today is my Boo Bear, Niall's birthday I'm going to throw him a surprise party so Taylor, Carly, Ariana, Demi, Mariah, and I went shopping to  buy gifts and things for the party.

Niall woke up and saw that I wasn't there he got worried and ran over to Justin's room. he knocked on the door. Justin opened the door Niall ran in and started searching Justin's room. Justin said,'' bro what's up you look like you loss something" as he tried to catch Niall. Justin caught Niall and Niall cried and said," she's gone Justin she's gone I lost my princess and soon to be wife I can't find her anywhere'' as he sat down and cried even more. then Carly walked in Carly said,'' hey jay I'm back" as she saw Justin holding Niall who was crying. Carly said,'' jay what happened ?'' as she put her stuff down. Justin said," sweetheart Niall thinks he loss my sister because when he woke up she was gone" as he hugged Niall. Carly said," oh me and the girls went shopping for dresses since Nicole and Niall are getting married tomorrow she's in your room Niall'' as she kissed Justin. Niall got up and ran out of Justin's room and back to his room he opened the door and saw Nicole and wrapped his arms around her waist. she jumped and turned her head and kissed Niall. I said," hey boo I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was gone" as I turned around and faced him. he didn't say any thing he just kissed me I just kissed him back he said," I can't wait to get married to you tomorrow" as he kissed me again. I said," I got my dress you want to see it" as I pulled it out of the bag it was in. Niall's eyes lit up as he hugged me. Niall said,'' I love it princess it's my favorite color, green'' as he kissed me.  I said,'' boo bear do you want me to ask  Justin to get your suit for you since me and you want to spend time together as I kissed him. Niall said," yea princess'' as he put his arm around me.

It was now 2:34pm and we have everything ready for  when the boys bring Niall in we heard foot steps I looked though the peep hole and saw the boys I yelled," GIRLS THEY'RE COMING HIDE" as I ran and hid. we all hid and we heard foot steps and saw the door knob turn. the door opened and the boys walked in we all shouted SURPRISE and Niall was so surprise that he ran over and kissed me passionately. Niall said,'' thank you princess" as he hugged me. Demi said," gift time'' as she walked over to the table with Justin. I held Niall's hand and walked him over to his birthday chair. he sat down and I handed him the first gift that was from me. he opened it and saw a tee shirt he took it out of the box and looked at it. he smiled and read what it said," BEST BOYFRIEND EVER" with his picture on it he smiled and hugged me. Next was Justin I handed it to him and he opened it and saw an I phone with a green case. he hugged Justin next was Liam  he gave Niall a best friends forever tee shirt with Niam across the front. he hugged Liam next was Zayn he gave the present to Niall it was a gift card for Olive garden for an all you can eat buffet. he hugged Zayn and now it was 5:00pm I saw him drifting to sleep and smiled everyone deiced to go back to their rooms and go to bed except for Justin and Carly they stayed to help us clean up our room. then when they were done we thank them and went to bed.

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