Justin's sister (one direction love story)

Nicole bieber is Justin bieber's sister. Niall Horan,Louis Tomlinson,Harry Styles,Zayn Malik,and Liam Payne,Carly Rae Jepsen,Ariana Grande,and Taylor Swift,Demi Lovoto,and Mariah Carey are Justin and Nicole 's friends. Nicole has a crush on Niall and Niall has a crush on Nicole but Justin doesn't know that all he thinks is that Niall will cheat on her. What do you think will happen ?By the way Justin's friends are famous.


25. Christmas eve/Happy Birthday Louis and Stephanie

Ariana's pov- wow today is Christmas Eve, my husband Louis, and my daughter Stephanie's birthday 3 things in one day so today is going to be very busy I have to go Christmas and birthday shopping I need help.

I called Nicole and told her my problem about today

(Phone Conversion A= Ariana, J= Justin, B= Nicole, N=Niall, C=Carly, T=Taylor, H=Harry, Bo=Louis, L=Liam, Z=Zayn, and M=Mariah)

A: hey Nicole are you busy today I need your help please

B: hey girl no I'm not busy today what's bugging you

A: well  as you know today is Christmas eve which is Louis and Stephanie's birthday

B: yea oh you have to much to do and you have no help it's ok I'll help you I have to go shopping too

A: thanks I'll be there soon bye

B: no problem ok bye

(end of phone conversion)

I got dress quick and left a note for Louis.

Boo, I went shopping  for us and Stephanie with Nicole be back later love you- Honey  ok I left a note and now me and Nicole can go  shopping we walked out the door to the car I got in the passenger seat while Nicole was in the driver seat. she backed out the drive way of my house and off to the mall.

Louis pov: I woke up and walked downstairs to the kitchen to make me and Stephanie breakfast I looked on the kitchen table and saw a note I picked it up it said: Boo, I went shopping  for us and Stephanie with Nicole be back later love you- Honey that's when Stephanie asked,'' dad since mom is gone can Arianna, Destiny, Katelyn, Chris, and Derek come over please'' as I looked at him. Louis said,'' sure baby girl I'll call the boys so we  can hang out'' as he picked Stephanie up. he grabbed his phone from the coffee table and walked into the living room. Louis sat on the couch with Stephanie on his lap he called the boys (phone conversion)

LO: sup boys Stephanie and I are home alone do you and your children want to come hang with us.

Ni, J, L, Z, and H: sure we'll be over in 2 minutes

LO: alright see you guys soon bye

Ni, J, L, Z, and H: ok bye bro

(end of phone conversion)

An hour later the boys and their children arrived  Chris, Derek, and the girls ran up to Stephanie 's room the children said,'' happy birthday Step" as they hugged her. Stephanie said,'' thanks guys'' as she hugged they back. Arianna said,'' so Step what are you and your dad doing today for your birthdays" as she sat on Derek's lap. Stephanie said,'' I don't know my mom didn't tell us when me and my dad woke up this morning my dad  found and note on the kitchen table that said  I went shopping for us and Stephanie be back later love you- Honey'' as she  looked confused. Arianna said,'' why don't I ask my dad to take you and your dad out for your birthdays just all of us until your mom and my mom come back" as she kissed Derek's cheek. Stephanie said,'' ok lets go downstairs" as she got up from her bed. the children walked downstairs to their dads Arianna said,'' dad is it ok if we go out for Stephanie and Louis's birthday until mom and Ariana come back" as I  hugged Derek. Niall said,'' of course princess where do you want to  go ?'' the children thought for a moment the children shouted,'' MALL'' as they grabbed their things. Niall said,'' ok lets go" as he got up from the couch. the guys and their children walked out of the house to their cars. (car 1-  Louis, Stephanie, Zayn , Justin, Katelyn, Destiny, and Chris) (car 2- Harry, Liam, Arianna, Derek, Michelle, and Niall) we all drove to the mall.

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