Justin's sister (one direction love story)

Nicole bieber is Justin bieber's sister. Niall Horan,Louis Tomlinson,Harry Styles,Zayn Malik,and Liam Payne,Carly Rae Jepsen,Ariana Grande,and Taylor Swift,Demi Lovoto,and Mariah Carey are Justin and Nicole 's friends. Nicole has a crush on Niall and Niall has a crush on Nicole but Justin doesn't know that all he thinks is that Niall will cheat on her. What do you think will happen ?By the way Justin's friends are famous.


26. Christmas day surprise

Niall's P.O.V: Merry Christmas yea the boys and our families are invited to a Christmas party at our manger, Simon's house so that means he gets to meet our children its been a week since we seen Simon because of the incident that happened to Justin and my wife's parents and even my children were upset that they haven't got to meet their grandparents. now we are going to a party at his mansion for Christmas. We all walked out the house to the car I opened the back door and strapped Destiny and Arianna in their car seats before closing the back door. I opened the passenger door for Nicole she said,'' thanks honey" as she got in. I closed the door and walked to the driver door and got in. I started the car, put the car in reverse, and carefully backed out of the drive way.(Skip car ride) we arrived at Simon's mansion I was guessing that Justin and the others were already here just by seeing 5 cars in Simon's drive way. I got out of the car closing the door behind me and walking over to the passenger side. I opened the door and helped Nicole out I closed the door while Nicole opened the back door unbuckling the girls from their car seats before picking them up. Nicole picked up Destiny from her car seat and handed her to me as she picked up Arianna. I closed the door and locked it while walking up to Simon's door step. I rung the door bell and Simon opened the door Simon said,'' hey Niall long time no see how you been'' as he motion us inside. I said,'' I've been good" as I walked in with Nicole. Simon said,'' aw Niall who are these two cuties ?'' as he looked at Destiny and Arianna. I said,'' oh Simon these are my daughters Destiny and Arianna" as I looked at Destiny who hide her face in my neck. Simon said,'' well I see she's shy'' as he laughed. Nicole and I walked over to the others we sat the girls down on the rug with the other children Nicole looked at Carly and saw her stomach Nicole said,'' oh my gosh Carly are you--'' as she paused. Carly said,'' yes Nicole I'm pregnant" as she looked at Justin. Nicole looked at Niall and smiled then at Justin. Justin kissed Carly's cheek and walked over to me. Justin said,'' sis can I talk to you'' as he looked at me. Nicole whispered to Niall,'' watch the kids and Carly I'll be right back'' as she followed Justin outside. Justin said,'' sis please don't be mad at me'' as he looked at her. Nicole said,'' Justin why would I be mad I'm actually happy for you and Carly don't you want this ? " as she smiled at him. Justin said,'' yes but I don't know if I'm ready" as he looked down. Nicole said,'' Justin I know your scared just look at how you are with your nieces, how you are with Jasmine and Jackson, and how you are with me I know your ready and if mom and dad were here they would be too'' as she hugged him. Justin said,'' thanks sis that means a lot to me" as he hugged her. we went back inside I saw my children getting tired Niall picked them up and walked over to me. Niall said,'' how'd it go with Justin'' as he gave me Destiny. I said,'' he's nervous about this I want him to be happy" as I gave everyone a hug. Niall said,'' bye Simon were leaving" as he hugged him. Simon said,'' ok thanks for coming" as he hugged me.
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