Justin's sister (one direction love story)

Nicole bieber is Justin bieber's sister. Niall Horan,Louis Tomlinson,Harry Styles,Zayn Malik,and Liam Payne,Carly Rae Jepsen,Ariana Grande,and Taylor Swift,Demi Lovoto,and Mariah Carey are Justin and Nicole 's friends. Nicole has a crush on Niall and Niall has a crush on Nicole but Justin doesn't know that all he thinks is that Niall will cheat on her. What do you think will happen ?By the way Justin's friends are famous.


28. Carly's appointment

Nicole's pov: Niall, Justin, I are going to Carly's doctor appointment to check on the baby and find out the gender we are so excited. Then we are going shopping for the baby so I have to call someone to watch Arianna and Destiny for us until we get back.

Niall and I are got dressed in our matching outfits from when we started dating my outfit is green and says I'm your princess with shorts and green converses. his outfit is green and says I'm your prince with jeans and green converses. Arianna and Destiny crawled into our room and looked at us I bent down to their level and said,'' girls daddy and I are going out with uncle Justin and aunt Carly so either aunt Ariana and uncle Louis will watch you until me and daddy come back ok" as I smiled at them. they shook their heads and clapped then my phone beeped I picked it up and saw that I got a text from Louis: hey sis-in-law do u need anything I replied back me: yea Justin asked if Niall and I can go with him and Carly to her doctor's appointment so I need someone to watch the girls while were gone I asked Taylor but she said her and Harry are going on a date then I asked Mariah and she said her and Zayn are going to visit her family and they won't be back until tomorrow so u and Ariana were left. I sent it to Louis then my phone beeped again I opened my messages and clicked on Louis's name Louis: we'll do it besides I want to spend some time with my nieces. I replied back me: ok thank you so much me and Niall are leaving at 1:20 Carly's appointment is at 1:30. Louis: ok were on our way see you. I replied: ok bye.

Louis and Ariana arrived along with Justin so Niall and I kissed our daughters goodbye and left to the doctors with Justin and Carly. When we arrived we all walked inside when the doctor was waiting for us. we went into the room with the doctor Justin and Niall helped Carly onto the bed the doctor lifted up her shirt and put gel on her tummy then started moving it around. the  doctor said,'' ok it looks like the baby is a healthy baby girl congratulations'' as she smiled. Justin looked at Carly and kissed her then him and Niall helped her off the bed. Justin said,'' thank you'' as he held Carly's hand. the doctor said,'' your welcome'' as she left the room along with us. we all left the doctors and drove back to my house we arrived with smiles on our faces and walked inside the house. Arianna and Destiny yelled,'' mommy daddy !!!!!'' while running towards me and Niall. we picked them up and kissed their cheeks. Louis asked,'' how'd it go ?'' as he looked at us. I said,'' awesome you want to know what she's having" as I looked at Carly. Louis and Ariana shook their heads. I said,'' ok she's having a girl" as I smiled. Louis and Ariana hugged Carly. we all congratulate Carly and Justin then enjoyed the rest of the night.




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