Much To Do About Clouds

Sam, she is left alone with no family, and know one to turn to. She shuts everyone out on purpose, but trudges through life... Alone


1. Bright clouds

When it started off it was all fine and bright, people thought of me as a 'normal' girl. I had friends I wasn't out if my mind, they were there for me.

I grew up with only a father, what a dumb ass. My mother died when I was only thirteen, from a horrible car accident. My brother died two years ago from cancer. I life has sucked since I was a little girl, and now my only family member was smart ass alcoholic dad.

I only have one friend but he has been of at college for a few months now. I have known him for almost six years now. He took In a girl with not a clue. What a nice guy, I wish Harry was here with me now.

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